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Enjoying the Leaptag Interactive World map
I mentioned that I am homeschooling my 3 year old. I must admit that the attention span of boys at this age is very short. It makes it difficult for me to divide my attention sometimes to two boys when we start our homeschooling. I am glad we bought fun sup...

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4 General Tips for Home Remodels
If you're remodeling your home, it can be difficult to know where to
begin. Here are just a few tips for making sense of the madness and
keeping everything on-task and on-budget. 1. Do Your Homework How will your renovations affect your property value? Wi...

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Happy Hubby
It makes my heart feel warm every time I see my hubby smiling and happy. My kids and I cheered for him as we try our best to make him feel special on his birthday in January. We love him so much! My kids and I prepared the birthday banner and I drew some si...

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Valentine love
My husband knew me too well. Winks. He surprised me with these yummy goodies this Valentines. I love chocolates and he got me this dozen Belgian Rose chocolates, Ferrero Rocher and Turtle pecan caramel clusters. I shared the goodies to him and to my kids. W...

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Glimpse of my Sister
This is my youngest sibling in our family. She has grown so much especially in being so smart and taking new responsibilities. She never fail me in lifting my spirits up. It's true that being sisters, we have our share of sorrows but we always have each oth...

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Giant Christmas tree
My siblings has been reaching out to me in Facebook. They said they are excited for Christmas. I told them that my balik bayan box won't make it this year. They said it's ok. I sent them monetary gift instead. They said my parents were so happy. I keep pray...

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Glimpse of my Brother
My brother always make me feel so proud being his oldest sister. He sometimes message me in Facebook. He updates his timeline with this inspiring pictures of his life. He got a new job, a call center agent, after working one year at a Tertiary hospital in B...

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Miss my Family
It has been a while I haven't seen my family. The last time I came back home in Philippines was in January 2013. Life has been different there after the Bohol earthquake and Typhoon Haiyan hit in Tacloban which happened later that year. I remember having sl...

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Acoustic piano and keyboard
Have you considered playing from acoustic piano to a keyboard? I also asked my husband if it's that difficult a transition. He said a little because for him, he is used to play a piano with 88 keys in it but the affordable keyboards these days has 76 or les...

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Music studio at home
Keeping a music studio at home has been popular these days. You can keep either electronic or acoustic instruments that you like to play. For music artists who likes to play electronic instruments, you might want to invest with a motu ultralite where it can...
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