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Ordered a Samsung 4 the choice between that one and the HTC was tough since I've been an HTC fan. It came down to a removable battery for me, since I have had to replace batteries in the past. 
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Maybe we could have a device night sometime. I'll have to dig into the differences on the Android version. I think they  just have a standard one not a fork, but there are some extended API things on the device you can code directly to. It's would be interesting to have a discussion of fork vs extension - and roll in the Amazon devices in that discussions as well as the phones. And that facebook interface.... You have the floor, Jason. 

 I'll need a Kevlar device cover for my new Samsung, if anyone has recommendations. I have to say, I've dropped my HTC a million times and it's still ticking and not scratched without a cover.

 The Samsung 4 has a newer version of Android than the HTC, it's a minor difference really. However, it has that "sense" technology which seems to be useful for "paging" and "scolling" - I'll have to see how it fits into my own habits. You can turn it off, so it's not a mandatory thing. 

 It also participates in Haptic Immersion APIs for extended feeling feedback to users. Game people are most excited about that.  I think it would be helpful to aid in user accuracy, but the jury is still out on that. The Samsung 4 also has side by side android app capability, which the HTC does not...yet. There are rumors of an upgrade. 
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