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Alright fellow brewers, its finally here, the SCHF is THIS weekend!! I just wanted to touch base with everyone before we all get up there.
We have 3 campsites reserved under my name, Todd Slater. We are going to be tight on space this year so try to car pool. There is 1 car included in each site. Any cars after that will have to pay to park. It’s $17 a car per night. Keep in mind when setting up your tents and camp that we will have a lot of people with us. The sites were about $200 total for both nights for all three. So bring some cash and we will work out how much everyone owes for the sites.
Everyone is on their own for food and preparation, so make sure you bring whatever you think you will need. Make sure you bring water as well.
On both Friday and Saturday nights after the events we will be having some commercial and homebrew back at the campsite. So bring some goodies to share.
Friday night we will be setting up our both at the fest site. Everyone who can should bring their beer to our tent so we can get everything set up. Make sure you label your kegs with all the beer info, style, ABV, and your name. It’s also a good idea to label your kegs so you can tell what’s yours. (I did have an issue last year with someone trying to steal some of my parts.)
All of our faucets in the TOaked booth will be reserved for current members only.
And finally, I received an email last night regarding this years fest. There will be some new rules for people pouring the beer at the booths. Below is the email for you guys to read as we will have to obey by the new rules.
If you have any questions please let us know. Im excited for the fest as it is always a good time!
As many of you know, as of last year, we were required to secure an Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) permit from the State of California in order to hold our event at Lake Casitas Recreation Area. This year, we have been given harsh permit conditions that the board believes do not apply to a homebrew festival as described in the California Code. However, in order for Fest to go on as planned, we must comply with these conditions for Fest to occur.
Here is how the conditions will affect this year’s Fest:
Persons serving homebrew cannot drink while serving. Each club is being asked to have no more than 4 people serving at any given time, and during the serving shift (length of shift to be determined by each club), the servers will be issued a vest that will distinguish them as a designated server. SERVERS ON SHIFT CANNOT CONSUME ALCOHOL until their shift is completed. Servers may have more than one shift, but CANNOT BE VISIBLY INTOXICATED WHILE SERVING. Violating this condition is grounds for having Fest shut down immediately.
We realize these are onerous conditions and should not be applied to our event, but the ABC has determined they will not remove the conditions. We will launch a legal battle to remove the conditions for future events, but there is not enough time to have the conditions removed for this year’s event. We are engaging an expert ABC Consultant with a legal team, and are launching our fight immediately, but your clubs MUST BE PREPARED TO FOLLOW THIS CONDITION FOR THIS YEAR’S EVENT. Fest can be shut down if any club is caught violating this condition.
Also please be sure your clubs cooperate fully when it is time to shut down for the night.  Both Friday and Saturday night, clubs are to stop serving by 9:00, with full closure of the gates by 10:00.
There are other conditions that affect the board members who serve in a supervisory and management role, and we will follow them as required, though in protest.
Fest is in your hands. Not following the conditions jeopardizes this year’s Fest. We will keep you posted if there are any updates on this matter.
Your CHA Board is fighting for you and for the future of FEST!
Mike Sunny
President – California Homebrewers Association
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