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Angel Pinkoolaid
My name is Angel and I fart rainbows and frolic with unicorns!
My name is Angel and I fart rainbows and frolic with unicorns!

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How I Maintain My Bleached Hair
I've had bleached hair for 6 years now and today I'm spilling the beans on my tried-and-tested tips on how to keep it looking healthy and manageable. First things first, when you get your hair bleached, it will never be like normal healthy hair again. It wi...

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Dermal Fillers Review
One of the downsides to losing weight or being on the skinny side as we get older is losing so much facial fat or volume which can lead to facial hollows, wrinkles and fine lines. These can be corrected via non-invasive options such as Laser, RF treatments,...

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My Club Clio Must Haves
Beauty junkies rejoice! The hottest K-beauty brand is now in Manila! Not sure where to begin? No worries! I've had plenty of time to road test these products and here are some of my picks that you shouldn't miss out on! Full disclosure and disclaimer, some ...

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Pinkoolaid is officially an adult... I think
It's another one of those random personal posts to let you guys in on my extremely boring and mediocre life. For those who don't know the real me then here's a crash course on what I'm like without filters . It's exhausting to act like a proper lady all the...

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How To Keep A Cool Head During Summer
The season of tropical getaways and lounging by the beach is upon us and I couldn't be more thrilled to change into my summer wardrobe! What I don't like about summer in the Philippines however is the intense heat and humidity that goes with it! My hair end...

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5 Reasons Why J.Cat Beauty Is One Of The Coolest Makeup Brand in the Philippines
There has long been a void for fun, glittery and colorful makeup for gals who want to look glam and gorgeous without breaking the bank. Now you can find all the colorful, shimmery and glittery goodness all under one uber-cute roof! For all the makeup kitten...

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The Experts Weight In : How To Avoid Cheap-Looking Makeup
It doesn't matter how much you spend on foundation or lipstick, there are some things to avoid to prevent getting that tacky-looking budget-store look. I asked 3 top Professional Makeup Artists on what makes makeup look cheap and here's what they think! Ria...

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A Day with Heart at the #IHeartPalmolive Facebook Live Event
Fashion and beauty trends come and go but milky white skin that is soft and smooth will never go out of style. Did you know that Cleopatra, the famous and beautiful queen of Egypt used to bathe in milk? I was told before that milk makes our skin moisturized...

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Easy SEO Tips For Your Blog
I'm no SEO expert but I know a thing or two about SEO from more digitally savvy friends in the industry. Upgrade your blogging game with simple tips and tricks to make your blog content easier to find online. Here's how! Edit the name of each photo before u...

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Dermax Laser Center Opening at Ayala Malls The 30th
Good news peeps! Dermax Laser Center  known for their innovative, effective and affordable products and treatments just opened their 7th branch at the new Ayala Malls the 30th in Pasig. Dermax Laser Center is an offshoot of the popular skin clinic chain,  S...
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