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Jarkko Hartikainen
Finnish nomadic composer
Finnish nomadic composer

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For those within a reasonable distance from Preston (Lancashire) should take notice of an international collaborative project by Duo Oneplusone, the Paris-based Pantheatre and the School of Arts, Design & Performance at the University of Central Lancashire. Tomorrow, January 12, music by Antti Auvinen, Nicholas Casswell, Hans Joachim Hespos, Sabine Kezbere, Sami Klemola, Aspasia Nasopoulou, Rei Munakata, Anna Veismane, and my humble self will be performed by Anna Veismane and Timo Kinnunen at the Media Factory. Do go if you can, I sure would!

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"Teaser" for my upcoming premiere on Oct 4 in Riga, Latvia ('self-aware', 2011, for speaking male accordionist and speaking female pianist). This is just some basic material used in composing, not a piece per se.
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