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The end of war and loss of supposed world dictatorship is too much for 'Murika to BEAR.

The end of US exceptionalism and interventionism is pending. The faceless 'Murikan establishment who support the military industrial war machine fear Trump's words of rapprochement with Russia. Trump is not entirely alone as people like McCain and his cronies appear to think.

How it plays out is up to the 'American people. Alas, I fear they are still asleep, especially the ones who think they're awake! Will it take bombs on US soil?
via +Michelle Maher 

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The protesters support the deep state and are ignorant of this fact. Fools.

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'The Deep State' or 'Shadow Government'.
Interview with Glen Greenwald. 
h/t +Bill R Painter​

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Yes +Bernard L​

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Haha, cute as..
Definitely no DNA tests needed!!!!

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Whilst admitting the responsibility of US/British foreign policy, the interviewer was unable to get the interviewee to admit the actions of ISIS as being unacceptable, thus making his plight useless. No wonder people assume a position of 'islamaphobia' in Australia with this disgusting level of discourse.

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Yassmin Abdel-Magied - 25 year old mechanical engineer, a petrol head who claims Sharia religion and law represents equality, including feminist, and infers Australians should educate themselves about the matter. Frankly, I just don't have the time and am generally disinterested in religion though understand and respect those who choose to participate. However, I do not have a responsibility to study religions myself.

Please sign. Note the link to the petition is at the end of the entire story before the comments. - link to qanda program with Yassmin Abdel-Magied and Jackie Lambie having a shouting match... (41:50) - The issue here is that Australians do NOT have a responsibility to study and understand the Sharia religion. Nor do they have the time to do so.
About Yassmin - 

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UK supports WAR

What gall when the UK funds terrorism and demonises Russia for speaking the truth of US/British foreign policy. They don't want the necessary rapprochement with Putin to procure world peace. 
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