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Piotr Pluta
humor-scholar, I/O psychology consultant
humor-scholar, I/O psychology consultant
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Hi all! A new post on my blog: "Launch of the Centre for Comedy Studies Research, Brunel University, London"

I had a wonderful trip to London and you can now read a short account of the events at the launch of the Centre for Comedy Research Studies; the director of the CCSR - Dr Sharon Lockyer-has also shared some thoughts on the role of psychology in the Centre's activity. Enjoy!

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A new post on my blog! Summary of a workshop I did at the SIETAR Europe congress in Tallinn last month.

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I was traveling with a RyanAir flight ridiculously early in the morning today, when I heard an unusual announcement for selling smokeless-cigarettes (they sell them on board of all RyanAir flights). Now, usually the stewardess would encourage you to make a purchase, "because you can use them in all smoke-less places: on planes, trains, in cinemas and restaurants", etc. This time, however, she also listed: "libraries, saunas, psychiatric wards, showers, metro and helicopters". The enlarged list with unusual items on it made me and some other passengers laugh. 

Thus, by providing a momentary cognitive distraction and a delicate infusion of endorphins, the stewardess's joke made it easier to bear both the pain of almost sleepless night and a full-day schedule ahead. 

Btw: many airlines are aware of the positive impact of humor and often make it a part of their routines and organizational culture. The American Southwest airline is one example of that. (You can read more about the way this airline employs humor on-board and airborne in an article by James Campbell Quick: "Crafting an Organizational Culture: Herb's Hand at Southwest Airlines".)

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Hey! Check out my blog about the psychology of humor!

The blog’s content is relevant for all the people that had ever asked themselves at least one of the following questions: Why do we laugh? Why do we try to make others laugh so hard? Why is the shared sense of humor so important when I meet somebody? WHAT IS HUMOR?

Now, this blog will probably not answer all of these questions to a sufficient level of satisfaction: even to define humor on the grounds of psychology is a hazardous endeavor (as you will soon see). It will, however, provide you with an accessible and growing overview of what has been and is being written about humor within the field of psychology; it will also make an attempt to relate all this theoretical knowledge to examples.

Enjoy, write and connect:
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