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Lead generation, transaction management + support
Lead generation, transaction management + support


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In this session we'll go over the challenges of building a lead generation machine that can be expanded throughout your city or even the nation.

We'll be discussing:

How to zero base your cost of lead acquisition with MSA’s
The top 5 contributors for MSA's

Why you should test all lead funnels. Use your flagship team as the incubator, testing 10 lead generation methods at any one time and introducing and taking away 3 sources a year.

How to use an ROI Tracker and Master Database to track leads end-to-end to know what’s working. Know your numbers by separating out Buyers and Sellers and factoring in the following data. Average 

Price, Time to execute from lead to close, # of showings on listings, # of showings to buyers, Average Commission Earned, overall ROI for each lead source as a percentage of primary investment.

Creating Systems: 3 Buckets (Sphere, Prospecting, & Internet) to make sure your team isn't 100% based on internet leads you provide them.
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Many real estate agents struggle with all the options and ideas thrown at them, but don't have a specific plan of action. They know they should be reaching out to their sphere, but don't know what to say because they can't find the "value add" that gives them the belief and confidence to reach out to their database.

Today I'll share how I built a six-figure real estate business by training my sphere to refer people to me, how I added prospecting in 5 different "buckets" to hit every major lead source and build variety into my week, and how I focused on adding value to every relationship and interaction.

Here's what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the sections that interest you:

[1:15] My first year in the business and why I  focused on meeting my sphere in person to build referral relationships
[3:40] How to teach people in your sphere to refer business to you, including referral role-play
[5:00] Why teach people to give contact info to YOU rather than just give out your bus card
[6:00] Ideas for providing value when you keep in contact with your sphere: Contesting assessed values, Just Sold's, home value updates and more.
[9:15] How to make 100+ calls to your sphere in an hour and drop voicemails to anyone who doesn't pick up
[11:30] Why your current and past clients are the best source of referrals
[15:30] How to use handwritten thank-you cards and $5 Starbucks gift cards to thank people who send you business, and why you should send them independent of the RESULT of the referral
[18:45] Why every single lender/vendor you choose to partner with affect your future referrals - you're only as strong as your weakest link
[20:30] Why you should spend the first year handling everything yourself, and systematize everything yourself before hiring an assistant or transaction coordinator
[21:00] Why you should NOT go after internet leads right away, and where you SHOULD start prospecting to bring new people into your sphere
[23:30] How I divided my prospecting into 5 "buckets" and then devoted 90+ minute chunks every day to a different bucket to hit every category once/wk
[26:00] Why you DON'T have to be 5 years ahead of your market; you only need to be a little better than your competition
[28:30] Why you must create as much value for your clients as possible, and as you grow your team, provide as much value to the agents on your team to retain great people
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Added photos to The Roadmap - How to Build A Dominant Real Estate Team WITHOUT Extraordinary Sales Talent .
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I’d like to invite you to a live video session where I’ll show you exactly how to hire your first transaction coordinator (TC).

We have great team of TC’s who handled 425 deals last year, and I’ll show you the process we use to recruit, select, onboard and train excellent Transaction Coordinators.

Similar to a webinar, this is a 100% educational event with plenty of time for live Q&A. 

We use Google Hangouts, so you can jump in with questions and comments, or you can simply watch like a YouTube video.

Just let us know you’d like to join us!
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