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Playing video in jMonkeyEngine 3 using vlcj
A little while ago I made a basic example of how to play video on a texture in jMonkeyEngine 3. I used vlcj as the backing video player due to its relative ease of use and good tutorials. I'm making this companion post to describe the method (code) and how ...

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Fresh off the heels of the jme-cardboard update I've made some improvements to my concept experience Asteroid Belt Travel VR as well. It features more varied and bigger asteroids, which should now look better with normal maps too.

It's been a while but I've finally updated the jMonkeyEngine3 library jme-cardboard to work with latter (0.5.5+) versions of cardboard. I haven't figured out the root cause of why it didn't work before, but at least this work around works.

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"Kepler-452b: Earth's Bigger, Older Cousin"
Today, we will announce new discoveries made in our planet-hunting Kepler Mission at noon ET:

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Good news! Seems like cardboard.jar 0.5.5 is working much better with jMonkeyEngine. There are two(!) viewports again, and in general the experience seems to be smoother. I've also removed some of the things CardboardContext sets in the view. This because when looking at the source, it seems CardboardActivity + CardboardView handles most of those things anyway. Let me know if it causes any issues.

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I've just published the (me knowingly) first Google Cardboard enabled app powered by jMonkeyEngine. It's using the jme-cardboard library and is meant to be a demonstration application that says: "Yes, it works" :)

It's a passive experience where you find yourself traveling through an asteroid belt in a distant star system. You can read more on the app page. I'll probably write something about the development on my blog, later.

Take a break and float in space!

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I've updated the Cardboard library for jMonkeyEngine to support the recently added fragment support in the engine. It's a lot cleaner than the old CardboardHarness class and will eventually phase it out. Usage is a bit different, though. The library and outline on how to use it is described here:
I also wrote a post yesterday about how to generally run jme in a fragment, which might be helpful:
Thirdly, there is an issue with jme and cardboard 0.5.4. For now it's recommended to use 0.5.3

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Running jMonkeyEngine 3 on Android using AndroidHarnessFragment
There's a new way of running
jMonkeyEngine 3 on Android, using fragments. Since I couldn't find a
description of how to do it or a use case, I thought I'd write down
how I did. The old (and still functional) used a class called AndroidHarness that extended ...

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Some minor updates to the jMonkeyEngine Google Cardboard integration today.
I exposed the resetHeadtracker() and onCardboardTrigger() methods in the AppState so that you can reach them from regular java code.
Available here, as usual:
Also, check out the related cardboard-examples project to get started quickly.

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Hello again.
I've created an examples project for the jme-cardboard project with a few of the test samples from jMonkeyEngine running in Google Cardboard.

The bottom-line is, pretty much, that if you can make an application in jMonkeyEngine, you can also make it Google Cardboard compatible.
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