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Take a look at this video on YouTube:

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Spicy creamy carrot soup with carasau bread
If you follow my Instagram account @francesca_verrucci  you'd probably noticed that I make soups, mainly of the creamy variety, very
often. But I have almost no soup recipe published on the blog so
far (with the exception of this pappa al pomodoro ). And th...

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Roasted Cauliflower and Almond Salad
It's an ongoing challenge between me and cauliflower! I've said before that cauliflower is not my favorite
vegetable (details here and here ). You will say: why do you keep buying it when there are
many other vegetables available? I don't know exactly. But ...

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Beetroot and purslane salad with orange dressing
Unfortunately at this time of the year it is quite difficult to find fresh beetroots to cook from scratch. In fact they are harvested between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn and then kept for the rest of the year (somehow like potatoes). Yeste...

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Hummus (basic recipe)
Having spent few years in the Middle East, I've had many occasions to eat  hummus . Hummus  is in fact a staple in the Middle East, where it is widely
and easily available: you can taste it in most restaurants and cafes (and not
only those serving middle ea...

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My recipe for Social Kitchen: lemon flavored spaghetti with clams, zucchini and bottarga
It seems that it took
me quite a long time to settle my kitchen out of the sand! The last time I wrote here
on the blog (apparently four months ago, sigh) I was probably too
optimistic about the fact that we would have found an apartment and, most

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Sourdough milk bread with Tang Zhong
Even when I am super busy, or not in my kitchen or without my tools - and currently I am at the same time in all of the mentioned conditions - I still love to make bread. Baking my own bread is for me a very relaxing activity - and definitely much less expe...

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Wholewheat crostata and some news
Well, if there are two or three people wondering where I've been lately and why I'm not posting regularly on the blog, I finally want to tell that some important changes are happening in my life. Please don't worry, it's nothing bad, just something that too...

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My recipe for wholewheat sourdough bread with mixed seed featured on MyHealthyDXB
Baking, and in particular making bread, is one of my
passions - and to be honest also a personal challenge. I love making bread for my family and friends and I am
very glad when they appreciate my job.  And I also like sharing my recipes,
that's also one of...

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Cakey chocolate chip cookies
Hands up who doesn't like chocolate chip cookies! Not
many I guess... But do we need another recipe for chocolate chip cookies? I would say yes, in particular considering that I am not
going to share one of those recipes giving the perfect (but what is perf...
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