changed his profile photo.

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David Friedberg changed his profile photo.
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why would this service email everyone when i change my profile photo?? back to facebook i go....
Did it actually send an email? Or just put in news feed? Facebook also puts profile pic changes in the news feed.
Pretty sure it didn't email people specifically about the changed profile pic. It may have sent out an invite to people you put in circles and included this as content in the email.
Friedberg looks terrible in Google+. Back to Facebook I go.
If people take crappy photos, there is a hazing feature where it alerts everyone you know how sweet you look. Congratulations you triggered the easter egg! (BTW, it didn't email people, just posted to your stream... also it is called Field Trial for a reason. We invited people who could handle some rough edges and provide some constructive criticism so we can iron things out. Thanks for the help!)
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