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Kai Zhang
Just make things better! :-)
Just make things better! :-)

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Amazing dexterity of quadcopters

These quadcopters can balance a pole, a glass of water, fly while handicapped, play cooperative catch with an ironically named SkyNet, and naturally respond to human interaction. The video is absolutely beautiful, mathematical modeling at its finest!

#robotics   #computerscience   #math   #amazing  

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PHOTO OP: Confidence Cat Cannot Be Stopped -

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Philippe Guillerm | France | Wooden art

Philippe Guillerm began his professional life in Paris, France the city where he was born in 1959 and lived for twenty years. Through the years, he has traveled around the world with his wife Jacqueline and their two daughters Monique and Swanne on his forty-eight foot sailboat. Guillerm's music-inspired sculptures are whimsical and curvaceous string instruments, he uses the theme as a way of expressing human nature and needs, you see an instrument, he sees an attitude. In addition to the musical theme, many of his sculptures depict sea scenes and animals. His other works include functional art like "Sculptural-speakers", finely carved furniture, large dimensional wall murals and monumental outdoor pieces. He works with exotic and local wood such as Mahogany, aspen, Jacaranda, poplar, wengue, purple heart, and walnut, using the wood's color like a painter uses paint. His works reflect dreams, illusions, and reality and invite the viewer to stop and reflect about human nature.
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