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Shaheed Foundation Pakistan Shia Tragic Event SFP


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Al Shaheed Magazine ​Jan, Feb, Mar 2017

The magazine of first quarter of 2017 has been issued for our valued readers. Having a lot of unique and distinguishing articles on spirituality and character building, it is worthy to be read. Political and social issues has been catered and historical events are portrayed in a colourful manner.
Book your copy and have a look.
Your critique is more than welcome.

Thanking you.

For further contact call us: (+92) 342-2180110
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Parachinar: Blood,Tears and Cries as Powerful Blast Rocks the Resilient Parachinar...

Several momineen embraced Shahadat and dozens sustained injuries as a powerful blast rocked the vegetable market in Kurram Agency headquarters town of


As many as 20 have been identified as martyred and another 40 as injured.
The agency headquarters is home to a Shia majority and has remained a thorn in the eyes of Islam and Pakistan since the 70's when a yazidi dictator connived

for successive attacks on the Shia majority to change the demography of the geo-strategically important town of Parachinar.

The blast comes at a time when the bigwig of ministry of interior is under severe criticism for asserting that proscribed organizations like the notorious

Sipah-e-Sahaba and it's re-incarnations should not be equated with terrorist outfits like the TTP in the back-drop of his merry-making with proscribed

terrorists on the forum of DPC .

The area has braved and successfully repulsed Lashkar Kashis and imposed wars ,orchestrated by the global arrogance ,defeating the enemies of Islam in 2007

and later.

Hence the area is often punished by takfiri terrorists for refusing to cow down to the evil designs of takfiri terrorists and their masters in the global

arrogance and the local administrative apparatus.

The role of administration in reining in the terrorists has not been particularly encouraging,the locals believe with a lot of resentment caused within the

peace loving tribes belonging to Shia muslim community ,as in several recent attacks ,the law enforcers often chose to look the other way as attrocities are

being perpetrated against momineen .

The horrific incident of Sadda where several Shia muslim truck drivers were chopped into pieces,under the very eyes and guns of supposed guardians of law,

other incidents like blasts in market places, populations ,places of congregations and other such attrocities that the locals have been witnessing over the

current and recent decades, amid continuous efforts by the biased administration to further marginalize and deprive the resilient inhabitants of the scenic

town financially and politically,are counter-productive for the cause of durable and sustainable peace in the important area.

Assalam Alaika Ya Ansara Deenillah!

"Shed our blood ! Our lives will find more strength.

Kill us ! Our nations will awaken even more .We are not afraid of death and you will also not give up in killing us.

My brothers,don't fear death.There is life in death ! " - Imam-e-Raahil Imam Khomeini[RA] ,May 1979.
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SFP: Monthly Financial Report for the month of December 2016

Total Families: 1865
Total Cities: 68
Total Amount: 20,​​717​,331​.00
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Unity week: 12th Rabiul Awwal - 17th Rabiul Awwal

wo Dana-e-Subul(S.A.W.W), Khatmurrusul(S.A.W.W), Maula-e-Kul(S.A.W.W) jisne
Ghubaar-e-Raah ko bakhsha farogh-e-wadi-e-seena,
nigaah-e-ishq-o-masti mein, wohi awwal wohi aakhir,
wohi Quraan, wohi Furqaan(S.A.W.W), wohi Yaseen(S.A.W.W), wohi Tuaahaa(S.A.W.W)

Our Holy Prophet Hazrath Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh) is sent as a mercy to mankind and the whole universe. The day of his birth is commemerated as Mawlid or Eid-e-Miladun Nabi by muslims all over the world. Milad ceremonies are held by passionate muslims where naats and manqabats are recited for the Holy Prophet and His sacred mission. There is a difference of opinion in historians regarding the precise date of his birth. A great faction of historians believe it to be either 12th Rabiul Awal or 17th Rabiul Awal.

In this connection and as this auspicious event demands, Ayatullah Khomeni had declared the week starting from 12th to 17th Rabiul Awal as "Hafta-e-Wehdat" meaning the unity week amongst muslims. The birth of the Holy Prophet (s) is celebrated throughout this week.

Love of the holy prophet has been called the basis of Eeman for a muslim. Allah in Quran says that the Prophet has a greater claim on muslims than they have on themselves.(Surah-e-Ahzaab)

Imam Khomeni has presented a charter of unity within the muslim ummah by declaring the Mawlid as the unity week. Indeed the noble example of Rasool Allah brings us closer to one another. At such times when Islamic nations are under extreme threats from zionism in the world, unity is exactly what is required the most.

A very meaningful message on this day is "We are quarreling on how to pray the prayers by open hands or fixed hands While our enemy (Zionists , America & Israel) is planning to cut our hands."

May Allah guide us all to the golden examples of nobility and character of the Holy Prophet and His Holy Progeny. Heartiest felicitations to all muslims on the birth of the pride of mankind, Rasool Allah (saww).

Quwwat-e-ishq se har past ko baalaa karde!
Deher mein Isme Muhammad(S.A.W.W) se ujaala karde!
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8 Rabi ul Awal: Martyrdom Anniversary of maula Imam Hassan Askari (A.S).

8th Rabiul Awwal marks the martyrdom anniversary of Maula Imam Hasan Askari (A.S).Shaheed Foundation Pakistan extends its heartfelt condolences to Imam-e-Zamana a.t.f.s ,Masoomeen Alaihimussalam, Marajee`n ,Ulema and Momineen o Mominaat on the sad occasion of Shahadat Anniversary of the eleventh Imam.

Imam Hasan Askari (Alaihissalaam) was the eleventh vicegerent of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and thirteenth Infallible. His given name was Hasan Ibn `Ali Ibn Muhammad (Alaihimussalam).

His title al-Askari derives from the Arabic word Asker which means military. He was given this title mainly because the city he lived in (Samarra) was a military camp.

Imam Hasan al-`Askari (AS) was 22, when his father was martyred. The period of his Imamate, following his father`s Shahadat , was six years.

Imam Hasan Al-`Askari embraced martyrdom at the age of 28 in the year, 260 Hijra and was buried in Samarra.

Succession & Introduction Regarding Occultation of Imam Mehdi

One of the major responsibilities of Imam Hassan al-Askari (AS), for which he endeavored earnestly was to introduce the Imam after him to the Shiites and to inform them of the next Imam`s occultation.

At the time, the Abbasid dynasty, having had heard the words of the previous Imams (AS) and those of Prophets` (AS) about the savior that would be born to Imam Hassan al-Askari (AS), were in close watch of Imam Hassan`s (AS) residency to make sure he would not have a son.

Thereupon, Imam Hassan al-Askari (AS) had to hide his son from the guards sent by the government and in that manner save his son`s life. After the martyrdom of Imam Hassan al-Askari (AS), Imam Mahdi (AS) went into the periods of his minor and major occultation, whereupon most Shiites were deprived from seeing their Imam . Upon this matter, at the time of Imam al-Askari (AS) it was necessary to introduce Imam Mahdi (AS) to certain Shiites, and clarify his processes of occultation. Many narrations have been recorded on this matter, but in this excerpt we will refer to only one.

Ahmad ibn Is`haq, one of the reliable companions of Imam Hassan al-Askari (AS), has narrated: "In one of my visits to the Imam, I had intended to ask about his successor. Yet before I had spoken, the Imam (AS) said: `O Ahmad ibn Is`haq! From the creation of Adam, Allah (SWT) has never left the earth without His successor on people, and will never do so until the Day of Judgment.`

I asked: `O son of the messenger of Allah! So who is the successor and Imam after you?`
Imam Askari (AS) stood up immediately, and entered the house. He then returned carrying a three year old boy, whose face was filled with a halo of light. He said:

`O Ahmad! If it were not for your eminence in the eyes of Almighty Allah and His chosen people, I would not have shown you my child. His name and kuniyah are the same as that of Prophet Muhammad`s (S.A.W.W); and it is he who will fill the earth with justice after it has been corrupted with oppression.

By Allah! He will live through a long occultation from which people will not survive perdition and deviation, except for those who stand firm on believing in his Imamate, and those who are honored with the opportunity to pray for haste in his reappearance."
Ahmad ibn Ishaq narrates: "the minute I asked Imam Askari (AS): `Will any sign or miracle appear to make me confident?` the child began speaking:

"I am the remainder of Allah (Baqiatullah) on earth; the one who will take revenge on the enemies of Allah; and after seeing me, do not search for any other signs!"

Sayings Of Imam(A.S)

. Imam Hassan al-Askari (AS) has said: "There are two characteristics, which surpass all others: having faith in Allah, and benefiting one`s brothers (in faith)"

. Do not dispute (with others) lest you will lose splendor and do not joke (with everyone) lest you will be disrespected.

. As for those who accept to sit in a place other than the first row of a session, Allah and His angels will bless them until they leave that session.

. Imam Hasan al-Askari(A.S)`s answer to the man who asked him a miracle or a proof of Imamat: The punishment will be doubled for those who refuted the miracle or proof of Imamat after it had been presented to them according to their demand. He who shows patience will be supplied with the support of Allah. People are accustomed to publicize false missives that they themselves forge. We supplicate to Allah for guiding us (to the right). Matters are either submission or destruction. The end results of everything belong to Allah.

. The faithful believer is a blessing for the believers and a claim against the disbelievers.

. The heart of the foolish is in his mouth and the mouth of the wise is in his heart.

. The guaranteed sustenance should not engage you from the ordained deed.

. The excessiveness of the (ritual) ablution is as same as defect.

. The powerful will be definitely humiliated if he ignores the right and the Humble will be definitely valued if he takes in it.

. Fatigue is the friend of the ignorant.
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Shahdat Hazrat Imam Hasan a.s.

A Glance at the Life of Imam Hasan Mujtaba (A.S.)
His father was the Commander of the faithful (Amir al-muninin), Ali b. Abu Talib. His mother was the mistress of the women of the worlds, Fatima the daughter of the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless Him and his family.

His Birth
He was born in Medina on the night of the middle day of the month of Ramadan, in the year 3 A.H. He was the eldest son.
When Al-Hasan was born, the Prophet, may Allah bless Him and his family, took Him. Then the Prophet said the adhan (call to prayer) in Al-Hasan's right ear, and said the iqama (words similar to the adhan) in his left ear. Then he sacrified a ram for Him (in the ceremony of Aqiqa). Then he shaved his hair. He (i.e, the Prophet) gave silver qual to his hair. So the weight of Al-Hasan's hair was a the aqiqa and giving alms as equal as the weight of of hair have become Sunna (an act of the Prophet)
The Prophet named Him Hasan. People did not know such a name in the pre-Islamic period. Also he gave Him Kunya (i.e the name by which an Arab is usually referred to and which refers to Him as the father of someone, usually his eldest son) as Abu Mohammad, Al-Hasan had no Kunya other than this (Abu Mohammad).
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28th Safar, Martyrdom Anniversary of Holy Prophet of Islam Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W.) and Imam Hasan Mujtaba(A.S)

The Last Hours of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.A.)
By: Ayatullah Ja'far Subhani
Madina was totally engulfed in confusion and anxiety. The companions of the Prophet had gathered round his house with tearful eyes and grieved hearts. The reports which were pouring out from the house showed that his condition was extremely serious, and there was very little hope of his recovery. This showed that only a few moments of his precious life were left.
A number of the companions of the Prophet were desirous of seeing him from near, but his serious condition would not permit that anyone except the members of the family should visit the room in which he was lying.
The honoured daughter and the only souvenir of the Prophet viz Lady Fatimah was sitting beside her father's bed. She was looking at his sacred face and could see that the perspiration of death was flowing down his face and forehead. With a heavy heart, tearful eyes, and choked throat, she was reciting the following verse which Abu Talib had recited in praise of the Prophet: "The luminous face in whose honour rains are sought from the clouds. The person who is the asylum for the orphans and the guardian of the widows".
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Karachi: DSP Faiz Ali Shigri Embraces Shahadat

Deputy Superintendent of Police [Traffic] Faiz Ali Shigri embraced shahadat when yazidi terrorists targetted him near Laal Flats in Gulistan-e-Jauhar ,it was learnt. Shaheed was currently posted at the Airport Section.

Please recite a fateha for Shaheed DSP Shigri and all Shohada-e-Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan.
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Sahiwal: Imambargah Caretaker Dr. Khalid Mehmood Embraces Shahadat

Dr. Khalid Mehmood Butt ,Caretaker of a local Imambargah in Sahiwal embraced Shahadat and his son sustained injuries as yazidi terrorists sprayed them with bullets .

Please recite a fateha for Shaheed Dr.Khalid Mehmood Butt and Shohada-e-Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan . Please pray for early recovery of injured momineen.
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Karachi: Nazimabad Tragedy Injured Lady Kaneez Fatima Embraces Shahadat

Kaneez Fatima,one of the injured ladies who had sustained injuries during nazimabad attack on a camp on 21st October ,succumbed to her injuries and breathed her last at a local private hospital,where she had been under treatment . Shaheedah Kaneez Fatima's namaz-e-janaza was held today and she was laid to rest at Wadi-e-Hussain Graveyard.

Please recite a fateha for Shaheedah Kaneez Fatima and Shohada-e-Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan.Please pray for early recovery of all injured momineen.
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