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Bindu Reddy
CEO and Co Founder, MyLikes, Ex-Googler
CEO and Co Founder, MyLikes, Ex-Googler


A lot of Bernie supporters wonder why he has not been more successful than he currently is.
Here's why

Marketing/Positioning - We should have ditched the 'socialist' label a long time ago. Should have come up something better like 'progressive capitalist'.

Big Ideas Without Any Detail - He talks about free healthcare and education for all but never goes into detail on how exactly it is going to happen.

Details On How He Is Going To Get The People Involved - He doesn't talk about how exactly people are going to be more involved in shaping and making laws in a Sanders government

Mastering Macro-Economics - I am convinced that every President should become a master at macro economics. The real battles of today and tomorrow involve economics and economies.
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Progressive capitalism is a system that breeds innovation and competition while taking care of everyone. People will compete to be the best, make money and gain power and fame for inventing new things and/or making our lives better. We would still continue to invent things like social media and the iPhone

We will still have money but people won't have to struggle for basic needs. Education, healthcare, basic shelter, food and clothing will be available to everyone. As a society we have enough resources and ingenuity to get to this utopia and we need to strive to get there.
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So Madeline Albright is yelling at all women who are supporting Bernie Sanders. She says all women should support a woman nominee 

By that logic, we should make Carly Fiorina the GOP nominee and should have made Sarah Palin, who was actually on a ticket, the VP of United States!!  How crazy would that be?

We should stop playing the gender and race card and aim for equality of everyone.
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Some people will call it pre-mediated strategy but I totally related to Obama weeping over Gun Control. I have come to understand it's a very complicated and difficult issue.

That said, standing up for something you deeply believe in makes life worth living.
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Experimenting with Google Photos... Interesting animation
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Fall colors in California.. One of the many reasons I love Napa/Sonoma
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I just had my very first comprehensive blood test done as part of a physical.
They LITERALLY took like 6-7 vials of blood for some random standard tests. My hand is somewhat sore at the moment.

At some level I can't believe this! At one level, we are talking about driverless cars and at another we have a large needle that pokes and extracts a LARGE VIAL of blood??!!

What happened to having a a fancy machine where I can simply put my arm into and it tells me what me my sugar, lipid, hormone, blah blah levels.... Clearly, we are misallocating capital and resources.
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