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Ecosystems have an odd way of correcting themselves with time. This is both humbling and eye-opening.  Humans will have to stop being self-serving and simply taking advantage of our planet's precious resources for their  financial gains.  Not sure if it is going to ever happen in our current society.
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I couldn't help lifting this caption from Reddit - He is trying to think of a way to tell her she can't stay the night.

Apparently, she is sleeping peacefully and he has insomnia and is staring into the sky.
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Wondering if anyone is on Google Plus at the moment.... 
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haha... #foreveryoung  

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I was totally mind blown by the price tag on the Nest acquisition.  But on second thought, this could be a seminal event for the consumer device and home automation market which has been struggling for a long time.

There is bound to be tons of innovation in this really hard space.  Hopefully, investors will make huge bets and pretty much everything that is mechanical or routine will get automated in the next decade.

It's amazing what companies can do when they play to their strengths!  #Google
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Not just the hardware but the tech behind it

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Wondering why Titanic is such a wonderful and splendid love story. Of course, there is the usual poor dude - rich girl story, but It also has to do with the very deep and intense relationship that develops between the protagonists in a very short period of time.  

The tragedy of it all is that in spite of the extreme strength of their love and their heroic efforts to survive, only one of them survives, reminding us of how vulnerable we are to the forces of nature as mere human beings. How precious our moments together are....
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The thing I love about Plus is that it's so much more informative and entertaining than it's self-congratulatory and narcissistic... 
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+Gaurav Chauhan  I don't think it's the case of not having too many users.... It's almost 100% because of product design and initial user community.  
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yes. cute things can do that to your head..  they should have photoshopped a baby picture in
Happy Caturday!  -  Cats and Tattoos should go together since they both rule the internet   #caturday
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Kudos to Zappos for trying something really risky and radical. It's very, very difficult to run a successful organization in a non-traditional way.

The current 'corporation' has evolved over many decades and survived several business cycles. However, it's far from ideal. It leverages some of the basal instincts of humanity such as greed, love for power, manipulation and fear. 

I sincerely hope that one of these bold companies will succeed with their experiments.
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Bindu, I'm writing a book on the future of org structures that covers this trend and a bunch more (target launch is March..).  The most fascinating case I've seen is a bank in Canada, with all the regulatory and fiscal obligations, implemented this.. and it's working!

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Love these gifs
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