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Window On The Doors
Fifty years ago, I worked at the newly-built Holiday Inn at the intersection of Interstate 495 and Route 38 in Tewksbury, Massachusetts,  the town in which I grew up. I’d started in the summer of 1966 as a dishwasher, then a groundskeeper, and ultimately a ...

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Words and Pictures
It never comes out as good as I want, whether I'm capturing an image with my camera or describing something in writing. Photo by Vito Acconci My camera is always with me because I always expect to see something beautiful and/or interesting wherever I go. I’...

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Democrats' Diminishing Brand
Donald Trump has record disapproval ratings for a president early in his first term. Congressional Democrats and mainstream media tell us so repeatedly, reporting little else but alleged collusion with Russians. Yet his congressional candidates keep winning...

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Lacking Common Sense
The young woman looked nervous as she knocked on the window of my classroom door. “Excuse me, class,” I said as I stepped out to speak. She was a former student and substituting in the next classroom. “A boy is throwing things at other students. He won’t st...

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Leaning Windward
What the old man said about me was accurate. He’s been dead a while now and I’d forgotten about it, but his words have been popping back into my head a lot lately. “You have the character of the tiller,” he told me. “I don’t get it,” I said. “You know when ...

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Centuries of Muslim Aggression
“Why did they build their villages way up there on those steep slopes instead of down here?” I asked our guide, Dora. We were touring Greece with my wife’s family and driving the coastal road on the north side of the Gulf of Corinth toward Delphi, site of t...

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His Personality Blocks His Agenda
I voted for him, yes, and given the same choices I’d do so again, but he’s making an ass of himself. Maybe that’s not entirely true because he’s behaving much the same way he did through the primaries, so I guess he already was an ass and he’s just reinforc...

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Off The Bucket List
Crossed “Grand Canyon” off my bucket list last week and, according to weather reports, it was a good time to be away from Maine. We stayed in Flagstaff, Arizona and took day trips, but only one to the big canyon last Thursday. It was cool and windy, but the...

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Is Paris Safe For Our High School Students?
Has radical Muslim terrorism made Paris too dangerous? That question was debated by the school board in Conway, New Hampshire a few weeks ago. The local Kennett High School French club went to Paris during an April terrorist attack. Two jihadis opened fire ...

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Gospels Not Gospel Anymore?
Jesuit Pope Francis given gift by Marxist President Evo Morales It was worse than I thought. The Roman Catholic Church was being undermined by Marxists further back than I ever imagined. I knew there were Jesuits and other priests holding official positions...
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