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Drupal Developer, Web hobbiest, roleplayer and reader

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Everything S. John Ross says and more - I'm still disappointed that all 10 promised volumes didn't get printed.

Day 14: An RPG Thing Awesome For Open-Ended Play

I prefer the term "episodic" for a campaign meant to go on and on 'til we drop (or, more realistically, 'til someone graduates/marries/changes jobs/spawns a brat), but no matter what term we use, this is mostly about the opportunities inherent to the setting design, especially if we intend to roleplay (and we do, oh yes, we do).

Which means I get the annual excuse to cite my all-time favorite RPG campaign setting: Autoduel America, best and most completely expressed in gazetteers called the AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide series, describing both the remnants of the continental United States (including what are now the Free Oil States and the Deseret Autonomous Region) plus Australia because what the hay.

As you can imagine, these are destined for repeated, passionate, deeply NSFW love on my blog (and they've already been smooched there once

For now, I'll just cite them as an excellent example of the kind of RPG design that dances athletically with open-ended, episodic play. This gameworld, through a heady blend of careful design and almost-accidental genius, demonstrates a bedrock axiom of RPG worldbuilding: worlds are about characters and adventures, and everything else is gloss or distraction, because RPGs are themselves about characters having adventures. The AADA guides crackle with character variety, and adventure variety, from page to page in a manner most arousing.

I'll be in my bunk.

#RPGaDay #RPGaDay2017 My approach:

Continuing to catch up on #RPGaDay:

Day 3: How do you find out about new RPGs. Mostly these days it's through Kickstarter. When it's not through kickstarter, it's probably via Ken and Robin talk about Stuff, or in third place, I'd say Google plus.

Well, with everything going on, I'm a little behind on #RPGaDay, so let's try to catch up.

Day 2: What is an RPG that you would like to see published?

That's a hard one - there's a lot of good games already out there. I can't say I have anything in mind that I'd like to see published.

Well... there was an attempt of a "Midnight at the Well of Souls" RPG back in the 80's that fell flat - I've got a copy, it's excessively crunchy and doesn't really hang together well. It'd be interesting to see what would happen with converting it to either something crunchy like GURPS or alternately something like Risus.

Anyone else anticipating their Massive Darkness pledges? I realize it's not strictly Zombicide, but there doesn't seem to be a community, and with the crossover packs there's a definite relationship there.

Well, let's see. #RPGaDay time, is it?

Day 1: What published RPG do you wish you were playing right now?

DCC. I've got a Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign that I'm playing in that's fun, but it's hit a shoal of scheduling, a game three weeks ago canceled for lack of players, and then I had to miss the game last Sunday because of my wife being in the hospital.

I really want to keep playing!

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Always interesting to see a Kickstarter project discussing how they succeeded and what they should have done Better.

Remember when I posted before about the "Official Settlers of Catan Gaming Board"? The project's now taken down due to an intellectual property dispute.

Which is going to make it difficult for anyone who contributed to try and sue for their money back, to be honest.

I didn't even think you could shut down a completed kickstarter this way. How do people involved handle it when the project you've backed has literally disappeared this way? And... if you were a dishonest person, and ran a kickstarter, could you fake an intellectual property dispute and not contest it to prevent people from being able to get their money back?

I have an evil mind.

Just received +Gilbert Isla 's shipment of the Crawl! Fanzines, wrapped up snug as a bug in a rug... which sounds like something from DCC, now that I think about it.

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More info from the folks reviving Doomtown.

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Here's a link I've come across recently:
Also, apparently the game's not dead yet - it's been picked up by Pinebox/Pinnacle.
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