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Drupal Developer, Web hobbiest, roleplayer and reader

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Remember when I posted before about the "Official Settlers of Catan Gaming Board"? The project's now taken down due to an intellectual property dispute.

Which is going to make it difficult for anyone who contributed to try and sue for their money back, to be honest.

I didn't even think you could shut down a completed kickstarter this way. How do people involved handle it when the project you've backed has literally disappeared this way? And... if you were a dishonest person, and ran a kickstarter, could you fake an intellectual property dispute and not contest it to prevent people from being able to get their money back?

I have an evil mind.

Just received +Gilbert Isla 's shipment of the Crawl! Fanzines, wrapped up snug as a bug in a rug... which sounds like something from DCC, now that I think about it.

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More info from the folks reviving Doomtown.

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Here's a link I've come across recently:
Also, apparently the game's not dead yet - it's been picked up by Pinebox/Pinnacle.

Thanks to +Terra Frank, who did a fine job shipping me a boxed copy of Peril on the Purple Planet to me - it arrived yesterday, and looks fantastic. Nicely packaged!

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The most amusing thing about the Official Settlers of Catan Gaming board kickstarer(s) for me is that although this is a classic failure, I received my board years ago. In this, I was lucky - I went in for the cheapest level of board (An early bird $20 board) and only that.

The basic idea is fairly obvious - what was then called Settlers of Catan is a fun game, but not one you can easily play except on a table. So, we'll make a plastic board to fit the hexes into. And expansion pieces for more players, and a different board for Seafarers, and card trays.

And yet, manufacture is hard. There were setbacks. molds had to be remade, I believe, to correct problems. Even though they had made 14 times their goal, money ran short. So, a second kickstarter was made to allow people to buy in on the first, and also to buy in on a special bag to take your game of Catan on the road. Eventually, Mayfair got tired of the problems and withdrew permission to use the name of the game, although Asmodee granted them permission when they bought the Catan games.. although apparently that's been pulled now too.

And so: the Final update.

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Well, since we were discussing part one, I figured I'd see if part two were posted yet - it has, so here we go.

Well, Kingdom Death: Monster's second kickstarter just closed, with a final total of $12,393,139. Which is crazy - I think that's the fourth highest total ever.

I'm in for about $380 or so - I was lucky enough to get in on the cheap game+gambler's box pledge level for $300, and went for the Zombicide and Pathfinder crossover packs.

This may well be the last big kickstarter for me in a long time, as I just got laid off.

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Well, as part of my "Clean the house so it doesn't kill my wife" initiative this year, I'm starting to sell off a bunch of old RPG books I never use. As such, here's a link to all the games I've put up for sale.

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