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Drupal Developer, Web hobbiest, roleplayer and reader

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This is neat - a kickstarter project to produce designs to create 3D printed car models. This seems a natural for folks playing Car Wars.

Kudos to +John Marron for sending so nicely the set of metal Dwarven dice in two layers of protective bubble wrap!

And I forget who I got the Ringworld set from, but that arrived in nice shape as well.

(Really, everyone who I've purchased from in this community has done a fine job of sending what I purchased.)

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Help me folks! What game is this from?

Wow! Had an unexpected delivery of my Gloomhaven rewards today, amusing because today's my birthday. I didn't see any hint of a tracking number, but the game's in fine shape.

And huge. Dear god! this thing is huuuuge.

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So, this is pretty cool - SJGames have posted the classic rules for Car Wars as a free PDF today. Sure, you still need a map and a bunch of counters to actually play, but if you've got a friend with this then you can use this to read up on the rules and maybe throw together a car.
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Cancer sucks. My wife's fighting it as well, but we're doing alright. Stacy could use a hand, though.
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If you backed the Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter, then keep an eye out for an email giving the link to the pledge manager. Even if you're not going to change what you're getting, you still need to get your address in and pay for postage.

Got a very nicely packed lot of DCC goodness from +Dan Domme. Thanks!

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Well, here's a project that's hit a speed-bump while delivering to it's backers: Soda Pop Miniature's Rail Raiders Infinity. The game itself is a simple dice-fest where you're mowing down robot lawmen while stealing loot from the train and each other before it arrives at the station. (The amusing bit is that the dice are poker dice instead of numbered dice.)

The problem is that a few things seem to be missing from the rewards people are getting:
- The retail box for the game
- Promised Rail Raider Infinity themed card sleeves
- 5 extra dice each for each expansion bought
- dice blinds for a poker game reached via stretch goals. (Although to be fair - although the rules mention the blinds, they aren't listed in the kickstarter itself.)

People are getting pretty worked up over this, although I should stress that everything promised to play the game is there, and although bonus dice aren't showing up for the expansion, 20 extra dice were added as stretch goals and so these folks only have 40 dice instead of 50. I expect part of the reason this is building is because Soda Pop hasn't said a word about it yet - and who knows when they will with their generally poor communication. For now I'm being charitable and assuming that they've just gotten back into the office after Gen Con and the Eclipse and they're trying to figure out what went wrong before saying anything.*

I should be getting my copy today, according to Fedex, and I'm interested in seeing what it's like. I didn't get the expansions and I'm not a card-sleever usually, so I expect I won't be that upset.

*I call dibs on calling my retro gamer rock band "Gen Con and the Eclipse".

Why, for all that's holy, has Cookie's Fortune not been released on disk since 1999?
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