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Bar art.
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With the change in standard rotation is it expected that the cost to play standard will change? If so, will the cost rise, shrink or remain steady?

I'm curious as to everyone's thoughts on this. I'm not up to date on the details of the cycle, such as if the occurrence of reprints will be done so at a higher rate or if the life of a card is actually expected to be longer. 

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My wife made a cafepress site with some of her designs.

Ohio is Cats. 

That's all I can say about that.

Has anyone done any draft simulators for the new format? (Dragons, Dragons, Fate)

I've been running a few and have to say this new set is amazing to draft, at least in theory. 

What is your experience? What excites you about this new limited format? What do you DESPISE? (get it? because it's back as a card)

Is there any country for old kobolds yet?

I participated in a 2HG, sealed event on Sunday for the pre-release and experienced something that left me uneasy about my LFGS. My teammate and I had a question that our opponents could not answer, so we called out for a judge, which none responded, but two of the store employees (one I think is the owner) responded.

The answer that both employees gave and agreed to (they were on a team mind you) was incorrect and affected our game. I can accept that sometimes people get the rules incorrect, but what really rubbed me the wrong way is that both the 1st place and 2nd place teams were employees of the store. 

Now this wasn't an official event but there was no one going over the rules prior to the event, which is not unusual since FNM draft is treated similar. 

It just irked me that the employees, who tossed out some bad rulings, would end up winning. 

I don't know whether that is common or if I want to return to that store or what. 

What is everyone's favorite drafting strategy for Khans? (If you could choose how the draft went)

I drafted a wicked Khans deck last Friday. I drafted a morph deck, my first pack was Thousand Winds, then I went through and grabbed as many two color, tap lands as I could unless an obvious choice arose. 

Check out the deck I made, was able to grab some rares people passed due to colors. 

1 Sagu Mauler (1st pick pack 2)
1 Thousand Winds (1st pick pack 1)
1 Kheru Spellchaser
1 Pinewalker
1 Efreet Weaponmaster
1 Woolly Loxodon
2 Mystic of the Hidden Way
2 Dragon's Eye Savants
2 Archer's Parapet
1 Bear's Companion
1 Bloodfire Mentor

1 Dig through time (1st pick pack 3)
1 Master the Way
1 Rite of the Serpent
2 Crippling Chill
1 Force Away
1 Temur Charm

1 Trail of Mystery

10 dual tap lands
8 basic lands

Played by first game yesterday; went great! Our village died but it's ok, they're only kobolds.

I may have glossed over this in the book, but what do residents of the Ninth consume for sustenance? 

With unpredictable weather, what is grown? If not explicitly explained in printed materials, what do you use in your game?

I could imagine large lumbering machines, animals and intelligent, mobile plants that grow crops on their backs, following the favorable weather.

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My first character, Drok Whittix, is a Mechanical Jack who Crafts Unique Objects. He is from Charmonde and is a low-ranking member of a guild colloquially known as "The Splice". 

The Splice is obsessed with perfecting the melding of men and machines to create a more perfect race. Engineering the human body to both accept and replicate the most beneficial of the mechanical numenera is ultimate achievement. The most revered members are those humans  grown in labs, forced to meld with machines from an early age. 

Others, such as Drok, enter the guild as servants and aspiring members. Drok is short of a genius but will risk his bodily health in the pursuit of his adopted obsession. 

Attached is the guild emblem. I will expand upon the description later.
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