Read about how our 'Seed to Feed' supply chain strategy will take #Herbalife to the next level.
'Instead of staying the course and maintaining it's business at its current levels, Herbalife continues to grow and expand not only in terms of its global footprint, but also its internal operations. "We have a philosophy that we can always build it better, " COO Rich Goudis says. "We never cross the goal line, we just continue to move the ball down the field."
Ongoing technology, manufacturing and supply chain investments are helping Herbalife meet its goal of doubling in size by 2020, which the company refers to as its "decade plan."
One key component of Herbalife's growth strategy is its "seed-to-feed" initiative, which addresses the traceability of its ingrediants, and the manufacturing and quality of its products. "We believe that as we grow over the next 10 years, food safety will be an important strategic initiative in order to create confidence among our members and their consumers," Goudis says. "We want complete traceability of our products throughout the entire supply chain."
To achieve this, the company recently made two significant investments. A botanical extraction facility in Changsha, Hunan Province, China, processes botanical extracts such as teas, guarana, chamomile, broccoli, and bilberry for use in many of the company's products. These extracts are produced from botanicals purchased directly from known farms in Hunan Province and other regions in China, processed in Chansha and then sent to Herbalife's manufacturing facilities in Suzhou, China, and Lake Forest, Calif., as well as its contract manufacturers.
The new $130 million Herbalife Innovation and Manufacturing (HIM) facility in Winston-Salem, N.C., which opened in May, will also enhance the company's ability to make quality products and, with added capacity, meet the growing needs of the company. The 580,000-square-foot plant - the largest facility operated by Herbalife - will house manufacturing operations as well as product development and quality laboratories."
Jim Harris, Wholesale and Distribution International, Summer 2014.
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