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First film roll reddit (21 photos)
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+Google Maps Just saw them using a iPad for the new google maps demo. At first I was like why not android? Then I realised it was just two fingers to apple's new mapping service.

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I'm so bored of minimalist tech, someone design a top end phone for my next upgrade that is comfortable, ergonomic, asymmetric and maybe non-black.

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Birds from the lake district (24 photos)
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Just found out that all my old facebook photo albums were not in fact shared as I though they were, d'oh. Anyway all fixed, maybe I'll even get a couple of comments. Now if only there was a way to share my spherical panos on G+.

I wish someone in the UK media would get this upset about the issues, this video pretty much sums up the problem with all the politics solutions to the economic problem at the moment. Watch "Dylan Ratigan (rightfully) loses it on air" on YouTube
Dylan Ratigan (rightfully) loses it on air

+Ashley Esqueda I don't think you should take amusingly lacklustre phone in response personally, I blame your high foreign listener percentage. It's just alot of work to phone overseas, but I'm probably going to make a skype account just to ring, you know if I get round to it. I might even mock your accents in retaliation. 

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Awesome!! Looks a bit easy though and where is the matting?
Climbing wall in Illoiha fitness club in Tokyo’s fashion district.
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