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Anusha Dharmasena
Software Engineer by profession, a geek by heart.
Software Engineer by profession, a geek by heart.

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Bought a new laptop to replace the ageing MacBook Air
I finally pulled the trigger on a new laptop. I didn't go with Apple, Dell or any other mainstream brands. I went with Metabox. Yes, you read it right: Metabox. They are also known as Clevo in other parts of the world. Gigabyte also seem to have these lapto...

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CPU temps of the Mid 2011 MacBook Air
I know my MacBook Air can get pretty warm, but I never measured it quantitatively. I don't know what people use to measure those in OSX; but luckily I have Windows 10 installed via BootCamp (i.e. natively) and I am familiar with the tools in Windows. I down...

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New goal for 2017: 100wpm average in TypeRacer before the end of the year
When I was watching YouTube reviews on mechanical keyboards before I bought my mechanical keyboards (note the s after keyboard, because I had to buy two), I came across a site one guy used to test how well he could type on the keyboards he reviewed. It was ...

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Serviced my car for the first time
According the service manual, my 2007 XV40 Aurion only requires an annual service if driven under normal conditions. I don't drive the car often - I don't have to. When my parents were here, I hardly drove to work. I walked to work because it took only 20 m...

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Android Pay supports both Amex Credit Cards and Westpac Debit Master Cards. Yay! 

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Finally Nougat is here!

Downloading, albeit slow.

Gah! Still no Nougat for my S7! What is Samsung Australia doing? 

I wish I could build a new PC with a Ryzen 8-core chip. But there are bigger life goals than building a new PC at the moment. :(

But my current desktop PC with the Devil's Canyon chip is still holding up nicely. Need a new GPU though, but no time to play games. Again, bigger life goals.

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One reason why it's not: price. (especially for students) 
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