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Getting Rid of Pimples on the Buttocks

With summer season fast approaching, it is time to get bikini-ready. This does not only mean that you should hit the gym and get toned. It also means that you need to prep your skin. After all, nothing says “summer” than tanned and smooth skin.

One of the biggest problems people face when it comes to prepping their skin for the summer season has to be getting rid of pimples on the buttocks. Yes, this is not something people like to talk about but it affects more people than you think. If you suffer from painful (and painfully embarrassing) acne on your buttocks, below are some steps to get rid of them.

• To rid your buttocks of pimples, make sure you do not wear underwear that is too tight. Thongs and tight panties may look sexy but they restrict your skin’s ability to “breathe” and this causes pimples.
• Make sure that you use anti-bacterial soap to cleanse your buttocks and you may also want to apply an on-the-spot acne remedy. You can also opt for a shower gel that contains salicylic acid.
• While you have acne on your posterior, try to stick to underwear made from natural fabrics so they do not chafe or aggravate the pimples.

What skin care solutions are you going to take to get bikini-ready in the summer?

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Foods that Help Remove Acne

Acne is caused by many things, and some of those affect the body internally. Stress is one. Did you know that high stress levels can trigger acne breakout? Same goes for lack of sleep and eating unhealthy foods. Because of this, it only stands to reason that acne can be prevented by eating the right food to help the body reduce stress and fight free radicals. If you want to fight acne from the inside, remember these easy recipes:

• Combine spinach and two of your favorite fruits to improve the flavor. You can use bananas, apples, and grapes. You can also add some honey to sweeten the smoothie. Avoid using sugar or artificial sweeteners.
• Make a smoothie out of equal portions of blueberries and apples to rejuvenate the body and energize it. Blueberries are known to be rich in antioxidants while apples provide you with energy.
• Make green lemonade out of peeled lemons, cucumbers, kale leaves, and mint. This green lemonade is a powerhouse that helps fight acne while also keeping you full.
• Blend together some cantaloupe and coconut water to nourish and hydrate the skin.
• Try the kale smoothie with a combination of kale, apple, cucumber, parsley, and carrots. It’s a mix of healthy fruits and vegetables that will give you plenty of antioxidants and vitamins.

Try any of these recipes and let us know how much help they have been! Don’t forget to share these tips with your friends who want to fight acne as much as you do.

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Living with Acne Scars

Acne scars are not a good sight, especially when they are easily noticeable on your skin. It makes you want to just stay inside the house and not want to see other people, right? But you don’t have to let acne scars make your life miserable. As long as you know how to deal with acne scars, you can have a normal and, actually, very social life. Keep these tips in mind all the time:

• Use concealers and makeup wisely. With the right makeup you can conceal acne scars, but if you are using a shade that doesn’t blend well with your skin, you might actually be highlighting these problems instead. You don’t want that. You should also start using products that aim to gradually remove scars.
• Take vitamin supplements. Certain vitamins help encourage healing of skin cells and in effect this will prevent new scars from sprouting up after a nasty breakout. Old scars can also be minimized with continued use of vitamins and caring for the skin properly.
• Consider laser scar treatment. If you want a quick and permanent solution to acne scars, it’s time to look into laser scar treatment. This is a painless process that will help you remove all those scars in a single sitting.

Are you tired of dealing with acne scars? Like and share this post to let more people know that acne scars can be defeated!

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