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We need to talk about the women in Solo: A Star Wars Story.
* This blog post obviously contains spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Please do not proceed if you plan to watch it. You have been warned.* Solo: A Star Wars Story  is the newest chapter in the dynastic Star Wars  saga, and though it has not cleaned up ...

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The Dark, chapter 3
So I know it's been two days since I updated, but I was gone all day on Sunday. So here's chapter 3... Chapter 3 “Oh, my
god,” Marie said again. “Oh, my god, I killed him!” She put her
hand on the wound in his head, and gasped again. A strange heat was

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The Dark, chapter 2
My daily chapter :) Chapter 2 Marie turned
from the hole in the wall, her heart pounding, a scream hovering in
the back of her throat. She ran towards her bedroom. As she
approached the door, the sweet smell of apples reached her nose. She
tried to turn the...

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The Dark, chapter one
So this is a page-a-day novel that I'm writing this year, and these are the two-ish pages that I have completed so far. This is the first chapter. (For some reason my blog doesn't leave my format so it looks kind of ugh) Chapter one The house wasn't the sam...

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The Technologically Impaired files: part 1.
So, I'm on tumblr (If anyone reads this and you have one, too, follow thedramagirl99), and one of my tumblr followers (you know who you are and you are awesome, my friend) asked me if this name is a pseudonym. Because I am too technologically impaired to re...

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I Am Number Four movie critique.
Sooo here's the thing: I recently became obsessed with the "I am Number Four" books. They are, in my view, excellent and well worth reading, just in case you're curious, which you probably aren't. Anyway, I got the movie from my local library quite a while ...

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I AM DOING A HAPPY DANCE BECAUSE I WAS ABLE TO LOG IN TO MY BLOGGER!!!! I've been off for almost a year and I finally was un-stupid enough to see if my browser had (duh) saved my Marthakin password and (duh) it had! So YAY!! I have another blog but I don't ...

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High School
Oh my gosh I love high school! it is SO FUN! This is my Freshman year and I thought I wouldn't be able to go to the high school but I can and I am so happy! I have a lot of friends and everybody's really nice to me! Just had to share.
High School
High School
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