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Shanna MacDonald
An A-type personality living a B-type life
An A-type personality living a B-type life

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Quit touching me!  Stay on your side.  MOM!

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A summary of a damp spring through the books I read whilst hiding indoors.

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An Unremarkable Spring - yes I know it's the fall
I’ve fallen very behind on my posts. I have a few in the
wings for the next while, but instead of trying to catch-up, we’ll just erase
the spring, shall we?   It wasn’t terribly
notable.   I travelled quite a bit, a
garden was put in, but because spring too...

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March Bookshelf
Wow. I
was completely convinced that I had already written this blog post until I got
into a discussion this afternoon with a work colleague about a letter we were
writing. My colleague wanted to use the phrase 'spectacular wilderness' in the
letter, but I ...

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If there is one truth, it is this.

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Lotusland is already in to its third month of spring.  That makes for some beautiful patios and delicious foods!

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On the Easter Platypus, chocolate and the hunt.

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I like a hearty salad, but I wouldn't be surprised if my hubby opts for #hfxburgerweek  while I'm away!

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Jamie to the rescue
This past week, Jeff wanted steak.  I have no doubt that part of this need was aided by the fact that the BBQ was trapped behind a one meter tall wall of snow and he needed something, anything that was reminiscent of summer.  I, on the other hand, wanted to...

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Oh Value Village, what would I do without you?
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