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We woke up to this view of the sunrise out our hotel room window, our first full day in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina. 
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Under 100 hours until deployment to southern Argentina to attempt to capture 2014MUJ69 occulting a star.

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On the night of Friday, Aug. 12, about half past the 11 pm (PDT) hour, The Dalles RECON recorded it's first occultation as the main belt asteroid (19) Fortuna passed between the Earth and an 11th magnitude star, TYC 5780-01169-1.

The occultation was very brief here, only lasting just over a second (see the attached light curve provided by Tony George, and the squared 'dip' around the 830th frame), but was a definite "fit" as it matched both the circular profile and the known model of the asteroid (both also attached). The Dalles' chord is the lower red one, marked #7.

The Ellensburg RECON team also recorded an occultation (see the purple #4 chord) and Tony George, another RECON team member was just to the south of the asteroid's shadow path (see green chord #8).
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