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Sarah Parsons
Books, tea and lots of fibre related adventures.
Books, tea and lots of fibre related adventures.

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We moved!
New house, new village, new year-ish. Gosh it's been crazy. Getting the internet up and running seems to have taken an age in and of itself. But we got there in then end. dreamy stock photo of jetty for interest. Also home sick. Adjusting to a smaller kitch...

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Summer Never Came To Scotland
I think we got maybe ten days of proper sunshine? Which isn't too surprising as we had snow at the end of April. Still I feel like I've wasted the lion's share of my free time. So here's to making plans and doing a full on Pollyanna and just getting on with...

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So if you ever come across any blogging advice ever it's always along the line of "don't mention a gap in posting!" Well I'm just a crazy rule breaker or something. Anyway I've been sick. So I've stepped away from my half arsed posting while I work on getti...

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Oh God She's Talking About Christmas Already
Yes I am, I'm sorry. No I'm not. Or maybe I'm not sure. Still the last few days of September is the time to start really thinking about it. More regular readers will be familiar with my Christmas cake. It's part obsession part tradition and for me it really...

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Indy Ref Count Down
Well folks tomorrow is the day we all go to the polls. (If you live in Scotland anyway.) What ever the result I think most people will agree it'll change the UK as we know it regardless. Are you outside of Scotland? What do you think? Do you even know that ...

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Progress, Thought and Things.
So my posting has been pretty sparse, 2014 has been a pretty rough year here between one thing and another the blog has had to take a massive step back in my priorities. Rather unfortunate but there you go. Can't be helped. Anyway I'm now in a place where I...
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