Cheapskate Geek Home Automation.
I have been resisting the various home automation products because they are quite expensive and there several different incompatible systems.

However , this appealed to me, as it wasn't too expensive and had lots of scope for tinkering. In the pack you get two "smart" plugs and a raspberry pi controller board. To make the system work, you also need a raspberry pi. However, you can buy a pi zero for about Β£5, so not too much extra expense.

The pi controller board controls the plugs via RF, which has a range of only a few metres, so the pi must be close to the sockets that you want to control.

However, if you attach the pi to your network you can talk to the pi via wifi and control the sockets from anywhere. I adapted a python web server app, which can turn the sockets on and off. So now I can be anywhere in the house and turn my Christmas tree lights on and off via a simple web page.

You can also schedule the plug to turn on or off at particular times using a cron script.
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