Virgin Trains.
We have to go to London this weekend. Last week I bought the necessary tickets and chose to collect them at my local (unmanned station). The machine sounded as if was printing them, but nothing came out. A couple of other people tried to buy tickets with the same result. Never mind I have a week to get them.

Get home and phone Virgin who tell me to try printing them again, or ask for help from station staff (doh it's an unmanned station). Try to print a couple of days later and machine says it can't authorise transaction. Wife goes to a different station, which is manned. The staff try to help her with the same result.

Phone Virgin again and spend half an hour waiting/explaining situation again. They tell me that I printed the tickets last Friday at 1:00pm. "Yes, but no tickets came out of the machine!" Apparently they can't issue another authorisation code which will allow me to print the tickets again. I have to buy more tickets and send them scans of the new tickets, when they will refund me.

Please don't anyone suggest nationalising the trains. I have served my time in the 60's and 70's travelling on BR. Whatever the faults of the current system, it's light centuries ahead of the old nationalised service.
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