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Janteloven - Law of Jante
Aksel Sandemose Janteloven - Law of Jante There are 11 principles or commandments that form the "Jante's Shield" of the Scandinavian people. In a novel by Aksel Sandemose , he defined 10 different rules in the law, all expressive of variations on a single t...

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How They Write – Author Styles, Tips & Techniques
Excerpts: compiled on how these featured authors find/found their
literary pathways, styles & techniques… Francine
Rivers - born 1947 Almost every story begins with a
question or issue with which I'm struggling, and each story seems to dictate
the time in w...

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Shakespeare’s World – Free 10 Week Course
and his World William
Shakespeare (1564-1616) This Free   10 week course begins 20 Match 2017 2016
marked the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, the University of Warwick,
together with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, will explore Shake...

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The Guinea Pig Detective Bureau
The Cat’s Collar The Guinea Pig Detective Bureau Attention
all junior detectives! Guinea
Pig brothers, Cinnamon & Spicy, are the two finest and greatest detectives
known throughout the entire world in the animal kingdom. Join them as they
investigate the ca...

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Historical Fiction: Fields of Cotton, Stalks of Corn
Fields of Cotton, Stalks of Corn The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl era of Oklahoma's history hit its farming communities hard, but the hopeful, optimistic simplicity of youth prevailed and birthed a new generation, a strong and determined generation, a...

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I , Slave : 1746-1963 . .
.   is an historical fictional novel
filled with the realities of life's struggles and hardships. It is a story of
faith, hope, and determination, during tumultuous times; of adventure,
challenge, and success; of romance, love, and...

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Counties Count – USA’s Electoral College Voting System
Count USA’s Electoral College Voting System Many here in Scandinavia
and Europe have inquired about the USA Electoral College and the ‘American’
(USA) voting system. “ The Electoral College is a process, not a place. The founding fathers

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Highlights: Crime & Forensics
Define Forensic Science . . . Although there are
numerous ways by which to categorize the forensic science disciplines, the following
is the categorization used by the National Institute of Justice: 1.     general
toxicology; 2.     firearms/toolmarks; 3.  ...

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Dinner with Friends – Flash Fiction
“Hey, Fred,”
the correctional officer assigned to tier three in the maximum security wing
said as he sat down in front of the lonely dark cell, a living coffin that has
housed the man before him for the past eighteen-plus years, “looks like you
could use a ...

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Free Online Courses
is a great resource for those seeking FREE online courses. From
Shakespeare to Filmmaking... From Business to Foreign Languages... Future
Learn has something for just about everyone. From
their site: " Choose from hundreds of free online courses
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