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Basel Al-Naffouri
Staff Software Engineer on Jibe. Improvisor/Actor. Your friendly neighbor.
Staff Software Engineer on Jibe. Improvisor/Actor. Your friendly neighbor.

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Oh yeah, this is what I go for in a woman...

Bloody brilliant. A few inappropriate words, but well worth the price of admission.

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some FAQ about the new hangouts update wrt to GV calling.
A few things people might have missed about Hangouts and the new call phones feature:

(1) Calling a phone works in most countries. It's not limited to only the United States, and you do NOT need a Google Voice number. So if you live in Sweden or Panama or hundreds of other countries, give it a try! However, the ability to receive incoming calls is only supported for users who have a Google Voice number, which is currently only available to users in the United States.

(2) Calls are placed over data. This is different from the Google Voice app, which places calls through your carrier network.

(3) Calls to the US and Canada are currently free from Hangouts -- regardless of where in the world you live. So if you're in another country and want to call a phone in the US, use Hangouts.

(4) The phone calling feature allows you to call actual phones. This could be a land line, a mobile phone, you name it. This isn't just a direct VoIP connection between two people running the app. You can ring billions of phones with this.

Hope you all have fun with it!

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An exciting update that is the culmination of a lot of hard work! So excited about sharing this! GV calling from the app! How exciting!
Google+ Hangouts for iOS: phone calls, animated GIFs, and more

Today we're updating Google+ Hangouts for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The new app includes the recent Android improvements (, as well as some new goodies for iOS:

- You can now make calls to phones from the iOS app, and calls to the US and Canada are free! You can dial internationally too (with super low rates), but you'll first need some calling credit:

- If you're a Google Voice user, you can make and receive calls from any of your iOS devices with today's update. Outgoing calls will come from your Google Voice number, and incoming Voice calls can be answered from Google+ Hangouts.

- Incoming messages will no longer stop your music. Instead of interrupting your groove, Google+ Hangouts will now temporarily duck your music, then crank the volume back up.

- Aaand… animated GIFs will now play in-line.

Today's release contains lots of features based on your feedback (seeing who's reachable right now, early integrations with Google Voice), but we're always working to make the app better. So give the new version a go (, and let us know your thoughts!

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Now you can make voice calls from hangouts!
Making calls from Hangouts — in Gmail and across the web — is rolling out over the next couple of days.

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The funfetti cake the team celebrated with today is fittingly just like Hangouts: full of colorful awesomeness inside! #hangouts 

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Here's some answers on what will happen to messenger now that we have announced hangouts.
People have been asking about how Messenger will be affected by Hangouts, the new communications product Google launched today. Hangouts replaces--and improves on the functionality of Messenger. We are working quickly to bring your Messenger conversation history into Hangouts. Until then we will continue to keep Messenger available for users in the Google+ mobile apps.

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And here's an awesome video showing off most of the features:

Hangouts: Conversations that last, with the people you love

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Hangouts, the product I've been working on for a while, has launched with a first-class iOS experience, which I am excited about. Check it out! Shout out to +Simon Levy 
A little present for everyone with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touches. Go get the new Hangouts!

amazing work by +Kate Cushing +Param Reddy 

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So After +Marvin Chow post about Dove campaign (, I was waiting patiently what would the Internet do with the idea, and sure enough, the Internet doesn't disappoint! Thank you Internet. 
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