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Bernard Grover
Award-winning writer/producer/director
Award-winning writer/producer/director


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Cryptocurrencies A Globalist Trap?
Please disseminate this information to your networks. #JosephPFarrell presents compelling evidence that the #Cryptocurreny #Bitcoin #Ethereum rush is actually manufactured by nefarious players in order to rob the world of wealth and replace it with complete...

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The Gay Gene Conundrum
READER NOTE:  Be sure to visit our newest outlet at SteemIt and the Twitter replacement at GAB as we make a stab to protect free speech and thought and stop supporting those who would squash them. The more the Progressive agenda tries to assert itself, the ...

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An Asian Driver's Manual
READER NOTE: In our never-ending quest to get away from the Googles and Twitters of the world, we invite you to visit our new Steemit page , where we get paid every time your read and upvote one of our posts.  We are also shifting from Twitter to GAB .  We ...

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A New Phase Of Battle
Hello to our Blogger die-hards who have supported our efforts for the past decade! We at LFS would like to invite you to see our first original post on SteemIt .  The title is, "The Slings And Arrows of Progressivism," and explores the destruction of the Mi...

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Joseph P. Farrell On Radio Far Side
Audience favorite Joseph P. Farrell joins us once again to discuss The Mandela Effect, and no...this is not your usual take on the subject. Is someone manipulating the fabric of reality?  Have attempts to mask quantum events from our universe’s timeline got...

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Living Dangerously, Again
This month saw the swearing-in of Jakarta's newest governor, Anies Baswedan.  At least once or twice in the ensuring weeks, Anies has declared Jakarta to once again be in the hands of the pribumi , or pre-colonial, people.  One must assume that Anies is eit...

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The EverythingGate Scandal
There are signs and portends that something amazing is about to go down in America.  By "amazing," I don't mean the weak, Madison Ave. version, as in "amazing white sale at Bed Bath & Beyond," I mean like seeing a flock of flying elephants. The ruling oliga...

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The Pig That Proved Free Speech
One of the people I most respect in the world is Larry Flynt.  He was recently brought to mind for having offered $10 million for information leading to the imeachment of Donald Trump.  That's not the reason why I respect him, but rather for his crusade for...

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Authority Is A Virus
One of the most iconic and enduring scenes from George Orwell's famous book Nineteen Eighty-Four  is the one in which main character Winston Smith finally capitulates in Room 101 and actually sees five fingers, when O'Brien is only holding up four.  To be m...

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The Hollywood Happy Hi-Howdy
One of the most alarming features of the Bumbledick Left is that it requires absolute conformity, a philosophical analogy to lock-stepping military parades.  Once conformity takes over any group of people, it becomes susceptible to charismatic leaders, who ...
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