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playing with the photo uploader - here's a new SteamPunk render!
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You should have a showing of your steampunk related works at one of Belgrave's steampunky fashion shops such as Limerence which has a Gallery (they had a great knitted Cthulhu display I took Blak M to)
I'm talking with a club about doing a show of them soon to tie in with some of their steampunk nights - if that doesn't work out I'll give them a try thanks! :)
Can I say how much I love steampunk. I feel like I look like an idiot dressing steampunk though. I've tried. Works on other people, but I look dumb. (advice?)
Thanks Norman and Justin! Justin I think it's about finding or making the right look for you - Steampunk is so varied you can pick what's just right for you and for your mood! there are some fabulous places around that make beautiful things. and of course attitude is everything :) I'm sure you don't look like an idiot!
I've shot some steampunk - but nothing involving nudity. And what I get here too is an idea of the model swinging freely, and I hope comfortably!
Great image!
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