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Tom Goskar
Professional archaeologist working with a lot of technology
Professional archaeologist working with a lot of technology

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The morning after the storm in Penzance

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The Cornish Assembly Petition
This week the online variant of the assembly petition  was launched. 2 days in and it's already over 550 signatures, which is fantastic news and a clear sign that many people want Cornwall to have a greater say in our own affairs. I really hope people do ge...

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Starting to get caught up on blog posts, and sorry for the cross posting but here it is. 93 photographs of an ancient shrine converted into first person perspective virtual simulation in roughly 4 hours with Photoscan and Unity 3D.  

My own G+ URL. Yay.

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New! Old! A review of King Arthur's Wood from January 1905. 

A facsimile of the book is now available on the iBookstore, with proceeds going towards funding the work of the Hypatia Trust (

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A magnificently illustrated book by Newlyn School artist Elizabeth Stanhope Forbes, first printed in 1904 and not available since. I helped to convert it into an interactive book which is now for sale to help raise money for the Hypatia Trust.

#KingArthur #fairytale #Cornwall   #Arthurian  
A selection of colour illustrations from King Arthur's Wood by Elizabeth Stanhope Forbes. Available on the iBookstore:
Colour illustrations
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A fantastic resource for people studying early medieval inscribed stones. The update promised in 2001 never seemed to materialise, but still a useful database.

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Detail of the 17th century fireplace in the Union Hotel, Penzance.

Just an opportunity to try out the G+ autogif feature!
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Today is the Day of Archaeology, where hundreds of archaeologists from around the world come together to blog about their work. Get a snapshot of the state of global archaeology by browsing the categories or reading the latest posts. 

The Day of Archaeology is run by volunteers, and contributed to by volunteers. You can help too - please spread the link to anyone who might be interested!
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