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Michael Garner
Making your music sound better since 2003.
Making your music sound better since 2003.

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Sonic Tonic: A Journey Of 10+ years Becomes A Product
Born of Experience, Friendships & Love Of Music Being in business for nearly 15 years, you get to meet, and share experience/knowledge with some really great people. Some well known, some relatively unknown. This post is about the birth of a product, I call...

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NEW TWEAK ALERT: Bybee internal Quantum Signal Enhancers
Jack B. continues his creative streak with his latest product, the iQSE iQSE's. What are they? The Bybee Internal Quantum Signal Enhancer (iQSE) is a small 4" w x 2" d x 1/2" h passive device housed in wood. The units that were sent to me were prototypes, a...

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Sbooster for Auralic Aries: Yes.
Image credit to Positive FeedBack Online   Replacing the external linear power supply on my AURALiC Aries was not exactly high on my list of priorities. The AURALiC LPS was no slouch in my mind, and I have been very happy with the sound of the Aries since i...

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The Copper Saga Continues: Getting More With Less.
It's sub zero in Denver today, and I am no way going outside for anything. Even the dogs don't linger outside. They go out, do their business, and run right back in. This is the perfect day to experiment and publish more findings on my copper room treatment...

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Reference Tweak Alert: Bybee Active Room Neutralizers
A single Bybee Active Room Neutralizer (ARN) Does Jack B. Sleep? It would seem that he doesn't. Perhaps, like our president-elect, he survives on very little sleep. All I know is with the prodigious amount of tweaks that he produces, he can't have much time...

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Wireworld Hits A Home Run With Cat 8 Ethernet
I've never really heard a sonic difference in Ethernet cable. That being said, my experiments with ethernet cables has been using only what came packaged with products, having some made up off of a spool of Cat5 or 6, and buying some inexpensive ethernet ca...

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Learning More About The Equi=Core
I and some audiophile colleagues have been experimenting a bit more with the Equi=Core balanced power transformers in a power cord and have a few new insights. The Equi=Core is one of the best values in a power product we have come across in quite some time...

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Just The Facts: The Telos Audio Grounding Noise Reducer
Ground noise reducers have become a bit of a thing in audio over the last couple of years, and with good reason. There is a ton of noise riding on your signal and AC ground lines coming from inside and outside of your audio system. Manufacturers such as Aki...

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Holy Sh*t Moments #3: Enhancing the Copper
If you've been following my blog or my web site for any length of time, you know that my all-time favorite tweak is the Stein Harmonizer system . It psychoacoustically expands the boundaries of one's listening environment (the room and space sound bigger th...

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Holy Sh*t Moments: Part 2 - The $75 DIY Tweak That Will Blow Your Mind.
I don't understand why the following DIY tweak/project does what it does. But it is effective and if you take the time to make and place the items I am discussing, you will find your music to be more enveloping, engaging, dynamic and satisfying. My motivati...
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