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Emily Gentry
Wife, Mother, Homemaker, Reader, Blogger, Shopper,
Wife, Mother, Homemaker, Reader, Blogger, Shopper,

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Summer Update
While taking a quick mom break to mindlessly surf the net tonight, I thought, "Why not update the ol' blog?" What a fast summer it has been! The kids spent the month of June with back to back activities, from visiting west Texas to VBS and day camp, straigh...

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Changing Times at Casa de Gentry
Hi! There's been a lot of radio silence around here since we started kindergarten back in the fall. I didn't anticipate how much of our family's time would be taken up with school, but there it is. But really, there's about six months of blank space here ...

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Book Review: <i>A Heart Most Certain</i> by Melissa Jagears
Through the Bethany House Blogger Review program, a few weeks ago I downloaded an e-version of Melissa Jaegers novel A Heart Most Certain , which was released today! This is the first book in Ms. Jagears new Teaville Moral Society series, and the first I'v...

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Book Review: <i>An Elegant Facade</i> by Kristi Ann Hunter
Through the Bethany House Blogger Review program, I recently received a copy of Kristi Ann Hunter's newest novel, An Elegant Facade . It's the second in her Hawthorne House series, and the first I've read by her. I feel like I have a lot in common with Ms...

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Summer Vacation: Somewhere Down in Texas
I find myself at the precipice of a whole new world opening up to me. My children are old enough for all of us to enjoy a vacation, with enough forethought. There is no baby, so no diapers to pack and no special diet to accommodate. We just need lots of ...

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Our Week
We had our first solid week of regularly scheduled Fort Worth summer fun over the last week. I try to keep any normal week at home structured the same, so the kids know what days we will grocery shop, what day of the week we'll go somewhere fun for lunch, ...

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Book Review: <i>A Beauty Refined</i> by Tracie Peterson
Through the Bethany House Blogger Review program, a few weeks ago I downloaded an e-version of Tracie Peterson's new novel, A Beauty Refined . It's the second novel in her Sapphire Brides series, and the first I have read by her. Ms. Peterson is a prolific...

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Back the Blue
I can't move forward here without addressing the insane violence from last week in Dallas. I'm from a law enforcement family, and I must take a moment to shake my online head at the terrible events of Thursday. More than that--I'm incensed that someone wo...

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Weekending: Independence Day Edition
After such a busy beginning to our summer , we're looking forward to spending some time at home over the next few weeks before school starts. As such, we spent some much needed time at home this past weekend. While we were visiting the Hill Country last wee...

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FFF: What's Got My Summer Going
I'm looking forward to a good old fashioned Independence Day holiday close to home. Stay safe and have fun with your family! {This post contains affiliate links.} ::ONE:: Cozi Family Organizer Back in the fall, Mr. G and I were looking for a joint calendar...
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