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And Then It Snowed....
I love snow! I love how still and quiet it is when it's snowing. I love how beautiful a fresh coat of snow is. I love how excited the kids get. I love that since we moved here two years ago, this is my view when it snows: Last week was a rough week. It was ...

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I Carry Your Heart
This post is dedicated to my sweet Alex, who's third Angel Birthday is tomorrow, October 4.  Right after I had lost Olivia earlier this year, someone told me that every mother carries fragments of the DNA of their children in their blood for the rest of her...

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Grief Is Ugly
Grief is Ugly By: Kambra Malone Last week I was thinking that Gabriel’s
ninth birthday was coming up. That was a fleeting thought between
putting together Kieran’s First Holy Communion celebration and
getting our high school kids ready for their out of town...

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"I'm Fine"
We've all seen the jokes floating around e-mail and Facebook about how when a woman says, "I'm fine." it really means quite the opposite. And as much as I hate to admit this, for me at least, there's some truth to that. When I give the "I'm fine" response, ...

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The Things That Were Taken
My best friend delivered a healthy baby girl this morning. She and I have been through a lot together over the last two years, her having experienced her own pregnancy loss and infertility journey. I was feeling pretty proud of myself all day yesterday that...

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Third Time's a Charn (Did I really just write that?)
Many people have already heard that we lost our baby, Olivia Grace, two weeks ago. Olivia is our third angel. First came Alex at 14 weeks, then Henry at 20 weeks and now Olivia at 16 weeks. Zero answers, zero explanations. It makes me feel all the more bles...

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The Grieving Mother vs. Writer's Block
It's been a very long time since I've written anything. I started this blog with the grand idea of writing several times a week, posting things full of witty insight and blunt honesty. But that didn't happen. Why? I think the reality is, I feel much like a ...
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