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Rick Horsfield
Electronic Music - Motorsport - Mountain Biking/Cycling
Electronic Music - Motorsport - Mountain Biking/Cycling
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Big bike theft from home in San Francisco

Tammy & Justin Wallace moved to San Francisco about a year ago. Their bikes were stolen over the weekend.

 * Custom Kirklee
 * Cannondale CX
 * Custom painted Scott
 * Set of Reynolds DV40UL w/ new Tufo CX tires

Working on getting better descriptions, but I'm sure any of these would stand out at a flea market.

Via +Richard McLamore 

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Please re-share the story and thank you, my dear #cycling community!

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Eyes & ears open people! We need to help recover this bike & find the thieves that stole it. - California - USA. (Please Reshare)
Due to my own stupidity, my Ibis was stolen yesterday. I was really exhausted yesterday and came home, leaned it against our garage and forgot to bring it in. While we live in a gated community, some local teenagers jump our fence on occasion to steal stuff from the cars parked outside. They must have been roaming last night. If you see this bike - size small - please let me know. Utterly depressed.

Great start to the 2012 season! That's why the #BTCC is the best. I love it!

Time for the start of the 2012 British Touring Car Championship season aka the best racing on 4 wheels. \0/ It's going to be carnage. #BTCC

Thank you for adding me.... BUT could you please, please, please tell me what your hobbies & interests are or at the very least write your interests in the information space provided in your profile, it only takes two minutes. Unfortunately I'm not physic & I don't really have time to keep asking everybody one by one who they are and what they are into. You added me remember! My privacy is important to me, so I can't just go adding any old random person. If I can't see what your interests are, you have a blank profile info, or you just don't fit into my main circles, you will either not be added or added to my 'Randoms' circle of which I hardly ever share anything with.... (yes I have one).

If you have no interest at all in Electronic Music, Motorsport or Mountain Biking, then probably best not to waste both our times & don't add me. This isn't the profile for you.

Thank you. =)

It's the final episode of the series of Top Gear tonight. :'(
If only the BBC would scrap Eastenders & sack Chris Moyles we could have more episodes of Top Gear & all the Formula 1 races live. +Top Gear #TopGear

Just doing a bit of Spring cleaning in my G+ circles & I can't believe how many non-active profiles there is! Looks like a lot of people sign up then give up. If your going to do something then do it properly I say, or at least do your research before you sign upto something.

Anyone that hasn't posted anything this year or what I can see will be removed & active but "fake" (no real name, photos, info) profiles will be moved.

Watching, Racing With The Hamiltons: Nic In the Driving Seat.
It's About car racing driver Nicolas Hamilton. (BBC1) #Motorsport

You shouldn't need reminding but just incase it slipped your mind..... IT'S TOP GEAR TIME!. #TopGear
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