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This is Keith Jarrett doing the Dylan song. Charlie Haden on bass, Paul Motian on drums. I love this recording because even though it's live, it really captured the fullness and roundness of Charlie's bass.

RIP #charliehaden  
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Pristine S.

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A unique peek into the future of America. 20 years from now.
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Oh si
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Pristine S.

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Urgent corporate-wide email memo to Kohler, Moen, Delta, American Standard and all plumbing fixture showrooms in China selling toilets : SHUT. YOUR. STORE. IMMEDIATELY. TILL. FURTHER. NOTICE.

Oi! +James Cowan 
Of the world's ten biggest Ikea stores, 8 of them are in China to cater to the country's growing middle class. The stores are designed with extra room displays given the tendency for customers to make a visit an all-day affair. Store management does not discourage shoppers from sleeping on Ikea furniture, even marking them with signs inviting customers to try them out.
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Pristine S.

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Unbeknownst to most of us, all our toilet seats have this sensor pad (or a variation of it installed). The moment pressure is felt on the pad, a signal is simultaneously sent to UPS, FedEx, USPS, your MOM, congressional canvasser, religious proselytizer, cable tv man, and petition hunters, alerting them they have within 15-30 seconds to call, knock on your door, or make their signature-required deliveries.
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Hahaha That's the truth
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The BOB asked me who I thought was the greatest rock guitarist of all time. My opinion (please let that soak in). I think I would have to say Page, because riff-for-memorable-riff, there were many that came out of his guitar. Not to mention alternate tunings, theramin, tape loops, violin bow, echoplex, acoustic playing, eclectic genres, blues, rockabilly, metal, funk, folk, ballads, noise, speed, and the full integration into the virtuosity of Led Zeppelin.

Of course, for me the greatest guitar player of all time (he made Rolling Stones David Fricke's #49 slot on the top 100? Hahahaha!) is John McLaughlin. Once again, ring modulator, scalloped fretboard, guitar synth, eclectic genres, prog rock, fusion, straight jazz, indian folk music, classical, spanish flamenco, experimental, noise, loud-as-hell rock, fast-as-hell playing...clean playing, with no distortion with which to hide mistakes behind. Most people call him  a guitarist's guitarist, because if you don't play guitar, chances are, you've never heard of him.
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Great post, Pristine.  Two of the greatest for sure.
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What Goes Around Is All Around

One of the things The BOB and I argue about is karma. He believes that what goes around does come around whereas I don't believe in superstitious ideas. I believe there is chaos in the universe. The Laws of Thermodynamics does not apply to douchery. People can be scum their entire lives with next to no repercussions. People can do good all their lives and fall off the back of a fire truck while giving gifts to kids during Christmas.

I've been looking for this tiny thumb drive for over a month. I've ransacked both homes with no results. You'd think something this bright would be easy to spot.

Anyway, I was at the supermarket last night when I came across a gorgeous necklace pendant on the floor. A heavy sky blue stone with faint white streaks set in a silver pendant. I picked it up and waited for a few minutes to see if anyone would come back to the aisle with panic in their eyes. Nothing.

So I turned it in to the customer service desk after spending a few minutes observing the clerk to see if she appeared trustworthy.

When I got home, I opened a closet to store some bags, and guess what I found staring me in the eye?
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+james kalin
I'll settled for two bags of chips, all dressed up and zesty mordant.
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Charlie Haden dead at 76

Wonderful bassist and artist of the badass Ornette Coleman Quartet. And also the Keith Jarrett Trio, and the Music Liberation Orchestra.

Haden was playing at the Village Vanguard in the nineties with the Don Cherry Quartet. After the gig they were standing outside trying to wave down a taxi who would haul his huge upright bass (most refused). I said, my car is right here, it's a Toyota Corolla. Charlie said, "I can get it in, it's all about how you recline the seats." And he did.

I first hauled him and his bass to a fairly posh hotel in midtown. He asked where the security guards were, because he wanted to leave the bass with them. They gave us a room number. We went up to the floor and knocked on the door, and sure enough, two security guards with a fistful of cash and a roomful of fancy call-girls (I guess they were pimping them out to the guests on demand) answered.

Then we came back and we picked up Billy (Higgins) and we went out to eat. Pretty surreal driving around town with half the Ornette Coleman quartet in your car.

Over a meal of falafels, I ruefully pondered the plight of the jazz superstar. I said this to Haden: "Does it ever bother you that you have recorded over 130 albums - some milestones, and you can still walk around New York City today (of all places) and next to no one will even recognize you?"

His enthusiasm and voice reminded me of Burt Ward's Robin in the original Batman series. Several times in the night, he'd exclaim "Fantastic!" when something was told to him. But on this topic, he merely shrugged:

"If you're playing music to be noticed, you shouldn't be playing at all."

I've carried that line with me from that day onwards.

#charliehaden #ornettecoleman #jazz  
The great bass player, dead at 76, began his career with Ornette Coleman’s rambunctious jazz quartets and then spent his life expanding our idea of American music.
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Large Format photographers only drink large format wines.

+Paul Gatling +Bum Wine Bob #saynotothebox

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That is your secret huh? How Hawaiian of you.
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Pristine S.

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" With the proliferation of photographic mishaps in the hands of the untrained common man at the turn of the century, China quickly determined that footbinding would prove to be detrimental to the reputation of the patriarch. "

via +Pursuit Happitarian 
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+Pristine S.
Right! Maybe he has gas...? Dunno... ;-/
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+james kalin If you ever wondered why Pat Metheny never cut his hair, now you know.

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50 yr old man gets blood clot in brain after headbanging too hard at a Motorhead gig:

Ouch. Now I know I'm getting old. What's next? Sex Pistols song Problems to be used in new Metamucil commercial?


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Oh the perils of geezerhood!
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Pristine S.

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We're sitting around trying to figure out an All-American restaurant we could go to for the 4th of July.

"Harold's!!!!" I exclaimed without hesitation.

Warning: At least 23 French people have died watching this clip.
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Against the law in the state of mind I am in - grin. The very definition of paleo-porn food. ha ha
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