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"Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a doll for my son. I reached for the last one they had, but so did another man. As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way."


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I love this picture so much.

You can literally feel the winds from the plains.



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Looks like the women I imagined in the Mitchell sequel She has seen the wind.
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We make people sit in maddening traffic to be around people they don't like, then we load them up with alcohol and then tell them to immediately go stand in line for midnight sales.

What. could. possibly. go. wrong?

Just kidding. Happy Thanksgiving all! lol! ;-)

#Thanksgiving2016 #BlackFriday2016 
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Leon Russell 1942-2016

The GREATEST and Original version of A Song For You from the person who wrote it.

RIP Leon.

The studio version has a magical moment when there's a tremble in his voice as he sings, "but we're all alone now..." See More
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Your vibrations will live eternally. RIP dear friend. - LEON RUSSELL's Induction into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2011
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Yup. What did I tell y'all it going to happen?

When Ford obtained Volvo in '99, it was a patent portfolio acquisition, meaning the production would still stay where it had been, but Ford would have access to all the engineering innovations to use on their own cars.

When China obtains something, you BETTER believe they are going to shift most, if not the entire vertical manufacturing process over to the land of quality fade to meet the bottom line.

I haven't been wrong so far in all my Volvo predictions the moment the Chinese Geely acquired it. So listen to this old timer for the love of god.

Do the logical reasonable thing if you have a Volvo: mortgage your entire house, cash in your parents' blue chip investment funds, crack that piggy bank with a cheaply made China Craftsman hammer and go out and purchase every Swedish made OEM part for your car now: whether it be an entire chassis, DTSC electronics, wheel hubs, pistons, engine block, calipers, rotors, struts, electronics!

Cause pretty soon, ALL Volvo parts will be made in China, and it's going to go from being the safest car on the road to the biggest deathtrap, and they are gonna run that brand right into the ground.

It's a good thing Paulson headed off the Chinese bid to acquire Steinway in 2013, but I'm pretty jaded. Everyone has a price. It's only a matter of time.

Steinway and companies like Freedom Arms should always be 100% hand-made in America while other companies fold to the lure of China.

Volvo will soon build cars spanning its entire lineup at three plants in China, as well as existing European plants and a new U.S. factory.
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+Ned Hamson
Well I'm glad to hear Ford has improved on certain levels. I still won't buy one, but anything they can do to a Ford will only be an improvement. I don't think anyone has ever expected much from a Ford, given it's original selling point. Mopar & Chrysler...that's just sad. I had a mechanic student who drove around in his 66 Imperial...was a tank in every way. Ze Bob worked at Chrysler in the 80s. He got a deal on a Daytona. The freakin door fell off one day when he was getting out of the car. lololol
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After photographing families and other residents being led into “assembly centers” in the central and coastal cities of California and the county seats of Salinas, Stockton, Turlock, and San Bruno, photographer Dorothea Lange turned her camera to southern California, towards the first concentration camp to open for residents of Japanese descent.
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Soul scraping...
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That was a Kentucky McAlpin's, in Cincinnati, blood flowed at times - well at least a little bit. lol +Pristine S. 
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Boca Raton Florida from Satellite. Benjamin Grant's curated "photos" from satellite & Google Earth.

more here:

or you can just download google earth.
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These are absolutely sensational.
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I'm...uh...a little confused.

I these folks are against Trump because they are FOR tolerance, inclusion, and acceptance of people with diverse views.

So that would mean they are AGAINST intolerance right?

' confusing me.
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Time to pull out that favorite Halloween cartoon of mine again.

The witch's facial expression is EVERY PC social justice warrior's face when s/he demands political correctness.

And the mom's face is my exact facial expression every time someone makes a demand for political correctness.

Don't even ask what the chipmunk's demands are.

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Hello dear. How are you
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Wanted: People with a broad Sense of Humor who don't take themselves too seriously. No politics here.
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