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What does a Billion pixel photograph look like? Check out paintings from museums from around the world, shot with Google's Gigapixel Art Camera.
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So many crappy covers and "tributes" on youtube. Even the original studio recording couldn't hold a candle to the electricity of the concert version we saw on MTV when it first came out. Listen to the opening piano riff over Sheila E's hypnotic drumming. That's the birth of Happy Hardcore right there.

Still not a Prince fan to this day. I think he was incredibly talented. I just didn't like his music (except for this one, this version). I tried to get a dvd of Sign O The Times years ago to no avail. Other than that, never owned any of his albums. People played me many of his stuff. It didn't do anything for me.

But after I saw this, I remember thinking the poshest job in the world would be to grow up to be a fat, black woman playing sweet happy hardcore piano riffs.

Well, two out of three ain't bad.

Still haven't learned to play the piano though.


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Aren't Hillary supporters at least curious as to what the content of these $200k per hour speeches are? Or do they just stick their heads in the sand and pretend it's not there? For 200K per hour, that speech better be able to.... well, never mind.  #hillary2016  
The reason you and I will never see the transcripts of Hillary Clinton's speeches to Wall Street fat-cats -- and the reason she's established a nonsensic...

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Every Library Should Have A Cell Signal Jammer

"Oh man these guys are the absolute scum of the earth. Most are incredibly rude. Some are actually not just scanning but also "hoarding", a term I've seen which seems to describe the practice of taking every book off the shelf into a box, then scanning them one by one and putting back the ones they don't want.

I would encourage anyone to be rude to them. Tell them they aren't wanted. Tell them they are greedy and everyone wants them to leave. Anything, make these scumbags' lives harder so they stop."

At every library book sale in the Philadelphia region, I am nearly flattened in the stampede to get in the doors at the opening bell - always by the rude and ruthless people I now call "Scanner Scum."

Since the invention of the printing press, book lovers have almost always been thoughtful, educated, and intelligent people.

Therefore, it is an affront to see that book buyers now include these selfish, greedy people who judge books strictly by the barcodes on their covers. Books as commodities: poor Gutenberg.
37 discussion posts. Michelle said: Lately, when I've gone to many library booksales I've seen multiple people with hand held scanners. They're scanning ...
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Don't Give Up Little Girl!

I love this clip so much. She just keeps getting up and keeps at it until she gets it.

Thanks +Paul Gatling
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It is part of that culture to behave that way because that is as much entertainment for others as it is sport for the athlete.  Skateboarding is mostly a solo venture. 
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What happened to Mike Mareen after the Last Days of Disco faded and the music died?

He cut his mullet and the party ended. He bought a pair of overalls and went on to the chase mushrooms while fighting evil turtles. Then one day a gorilla threw a barrel at him and his career was over.

#Italodisco oi! +Ned Hamson
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I think I was served coffee by Mike last time I was in Ventimiglia heh heh heh
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The Old Man's camera gets a long awaited update.

For all the photo geeks in my circles.

Pop's three cameras were the 4x5 Speed Graphic, The Mamiya 23, and the Pentax Spotmatic. I owned the Mamiya for a while just as a homage to the old man, but then I switched to the RB67. My ex was so enamored with my dad's utterance "somebody hand me a camera - any camera - I just need to take this picture" that he went out and bought a Pentax 6x7 as a nod in his direction.

Pops wanted a Linhof all his life. So I got around to getting one.

I've always rooted for Pentax. They seem like a no-nonsense company, but they also manufacture high-end hospital equipment too.

more here:

#photographyequipment #photography  
Pentax’s parent company, Ricoh Imaging, has been teasing that it would be announcing a new full frame digital SLR for several months now and today that phantom camera was finally unveiled. Ricoh just introduced the long awaited Pentax K-1, which is equipped with a 36.4-megapixel full frame CMOS sensor about the size of a piece of 35mm film.
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+Pristine S. Like the way I learned how to swim, dive and ride a bicycle - give me a shove and assume I'd learn real quick - lol. Self-preservation - a great incentive to learn fast!
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Whoa!! What a pic!! Beautiful!
..and i know exactly the point where this is here in Rome :)
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"Steven Yeun might well be the one of the most globally recognizable actors of Korean descent. But within Korea, he doesn’t conform to the ideal of a Korean celebrity—for no real reason other than that he is unaffected, he hasn’t had epicanthic fold surgery on his eyelids, and his haircut cost less than $400. Going through the Korean media coverage of Yeun, it’s clear to me that Koreans don’t know what to do with him, even though his Korean is quite good. To Koreans, he is in that awkward Korean-American category—neither fish nor fowl, inherently somewhat untrustworthy."

Conan in Korea is also a snapshot of how three distinct cultural groups now view each other: Americans, Koreans, and Korean-Americans. And make no mistake, the latter two groups are increasingly non-overlapping.
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Who wants to be a fowl?
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+Debbie Sicca, Short Stack
Well your Adele post drove me to this. ololol. ;-)
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New report shows that monks at a monastery in Thailand have been speed breeding the big cats for the illegal trade.
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Examples of usage of Never:

"I have never not clicked on the X button on all autoplay videos."

"I have never not clicked on "skip Ad" on all videos."

"I have never purchased an item just because I saw it on an autoplay video, online banner, google ad, magazine ad, tv ad, radio ad, billboard ad."

Alright alright....I did buy this:
Nobody likes autoplay video. And yet top-line publishers turn to it because the money's good.
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I have gotten around much of it by using a vpn service and most of my research and reading is done via inoreader - a really good rss reader and I do pay $10 a year for no ads on inoreader. We are the government if enough of us vote for people who will remain more responsive to voters than to $$ brokers - that's - grin - our catch-22.
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