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Soooooooooo cuuuute !!!
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+Muhammad Arfan Question !!!!! Curiosity really. What countries do I  share with and shares with me ? People are people in this world and it  it amazing how much we need each other.!!
that reminds me of my cat
that "dog" will protect and be a "friend" to that little girl for it's whole life,dogs are dangerous because we make them dangerous
ahhhh! i miss mah pug verrry much I lost it last year
Its very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. soooooooooo cute and wonderful catching.This is like my photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u know  ?????
sho shweet!!! Pet LoVeR!!!! ;)
Oh my gosh, should I cry?This is so wonderful
Ssssshhhh....everybody plz...she is sleeping. Do not make her wake up plz. What an angle. :-)
yeah....shhh she is noise....
sooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuutttttttteee!
love iiiiiiit
kid plus puppy-- a double whamee of cuteness
so cute dear..............
that is the sweetest thing i have ever seen
Because of such a cute picture....
my little bro is cuter.. but she's cute, too..
super duper cute!!!!!! i luv pugs n' babies
Is there something wrong with me? because I find the dog way cuter than the girl
mh around here one will never try sleep with that pet...
OMG super cute the cute baby plus the cute puppy!!!! This Blows my mind
that pug is so cute
It's so great when both are young - so sweet - let's remember it forever - thank you for the photo!
"Yes", that is so very cute. How sweet is that photo!

Baby and Pug now that is precious! 
she is beautiful
so cute i want to crul up wit my doggies and take a nap
shooo shweeeeeeettttt :-)
they are so cute i <3 that dog
I'd cuttle up with mine, but he's 119 lbs and hard to even pet!
So cute , lovely shot.
Awwww . . .  oh how sweet,  and oh so precious! A memory to remember!
How cute. We need each other.:D
SOOOO ADORABLE!!! I'll bet the lil pug still has it's tiny puppy breath... One of the sweetest smells on earth!!😍😍
except the little angel.......the puppy so pretty...nice breed 
OMG this is the cutest thing I have seen in weeks. :D
The dog (pug)was more cuter than the girl
very cute. i mis my kids .when they was that they are young man .
Girl best friend..... dogs
Pugs are my favorite kind of dog.
They are so cute when puppies.
I wish I had one.
Pugs are the best to snuggle with! The snoring always puts me to sleep.
so0o0o0o cuteeeeee...
No it's not so cute, it would be only when the dog is cat.
Awwww so cute ❤❤❤❤❤☺☺☺!!!!
How calm and serene and beautiful
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wow this is so cute 
That is really cute! I love it!
deb C.
It maybe cute ... but is it healthy ?
the pug.........   eh i guess the girl 2
jk both cute
that is the cutest thing ive seen today
chooooooooo chweeeeeeeet...luks so adorable.
thats sooooo sweet.......both are so innocent......I love this.......
I love puppys!!!!!!!!! so cute!!!!!!!!!!
That little girl is adorable and so is the puppy! Amazing picture! Shows how strong live is!
awwwwwwwww i love ths dog.i tooo want thisssssss...:-(
Wer schläft der Sündigt nicht Ihr zwei Süßen.
Einfach süss - 2 schlafende Baby's!!!
how lovely,and tender
aquela foto do gatinho com as patinha unidas como se tive-se orando ja revelou que vc Syuzanna com serteza é uma DEUSA pois dizem que os animais sempre vem coisas que aos humano não enchergam,e o que pelo semblante dessa criança mostra tambem confirma o seu disfarce de ser humana aqui na terra
this is your daughter? So Cute!
And Your Dog?  Cute!
Innocent but caring concern. Humanity that required for ANIMALS.
If it lacks one cannot differentiate WHO is WHO. 
very nice comment! have a lovely new year!
no limit in love 
and no any word in explain love..............!
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