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And the rain will sing the lullaby
For falling leaves , for from wind dancing trees.
Just stand there , near the autumn road
It says, In that time , will just become true 
All what in heart and all your dreams !
Author photo is Frozen Danderlion
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Beautiful as Always...!
Hello My Dear Friend....
The perfect autumn picture! Thank you for sharing!
wonderfull scene sending for me 
~ Pristine splendor in glorious beauty ~
صورة معبرة جميلة Syuzanna
+Moan Lisa  just veery well and very right said my dear ! I completely agree.... What do I want from my life ? Perhaps I just want that my BIGGEST dream become true and nothing more !!!!
very beautiful poem and picture! so dreamy! great post Syuzanna!
so good pic ,,, a kind of pure beautiful imagination ..... really wonderful
if i could sit on that bench under the leaves in the rain i would not care if i got wet i would not want to walk away from such a peaceful place from such beauty - thank you +Syuzanna Avetisyan for starting my day with such a smile :)
Lovely words with a special image. Beautiful work my friend.
Truly site for the poets.wonderful red&yellow
Seasonal change.
Anil deo.
Lovely! I wish We have like this in our counrty.
+Syuzanna Avetisyan
This Image Is So Soothing Syuzanna ! And I Do So Love Your Writing Each Time because To Me That comes First Usually!! Another Person Deserves Mention Here And That would Be +Greg Gussler As Also Very Brilliant On His writing Abilities! Thank You So Much For This Image And your Precious Words +Syuzanna Avetisyan !!:))))))
Beautiful path leading to stairway to heaven! Amen to this pic u posted!!!
My dear +Merle Nienhuis  ! Thank you for your great reccomendation about that person ! You're always welcome :) And have a beautiful day :)
Truly outstanding pic, romantic, beautiful,& so peaceful+the poem just tops it off thanks 4 makeing me smile!
you like a professional photographer....,
wow!! thank you +Syuzanna Avetisyan for such a wonderful picture. i wish if i would have been at this place sitting on a bench and paused the moment for the entire life. i would love to get stuck in such a beautiful place. :) Thank you again 
this picture is an epitome of bliss till eternity. 
Its that time of the year here. Soon every street will look like that. Can't wait.. great time of the year...
It's so beautiful! Amazing scene! you're right, it's dreamful
It is a perfect quote, autumn with the first rains, clears the summer heat, and while bare trees, and puts them bare, but we we dress in clothes like leaves, a layer on top of another! Ciao +Syuzanna Avetisyan a good night with sweet dreams, my friend! :))))) Yehaaaaa
Pam L.K
Absolutely gorgeous!!
Would make an excellent desktop background if high res was available..
wow,awesome colors and  great  atmo
Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. The creature thanks the Creator!
Beautiful simply beautiful
Beautiful capture, I love the fall season
more attractive and more beautiful pic dear
kash m aisa scene real me dekh paun
simply beautiful!
oh wow. i would love to put this up on my bedroom wall.
This is the most beautiful autumn scene i've ever seen.... I'm speechless of the peace that this photo gives...
ye gana he ya poem  ................ moooni ??
like it.............................coool.!!!
The wet pavement looks almost like a lake...So magical
It is so nice Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!.
I love autumn! SO many beautiful colors, nice smells and so cozy!
I saw this place in my future life
Wow! Makes me miss NYC in the Fall. I wish I could go home just for the season change.
This is the coolest picture I have seen in while & awesome words as well,thanks for sharing.
Autumnal rain is the best. Not a big fan of Spring, but all things Fall are great!
hi babi very nice pleasa frnd ship mi 
my cell numbr
Amazing words and amazing pic from amazing person.thanks Syuzanna for this.
I love the photo & poem its beautiful Thank you for sharing.
This is so beautiful.  Reminds me of how I felt during one of my silent retreats without my hearing aids.  Gentle.  Peaceful.  Mending.  Then, when I put my hearing aids back on after the retreat was over...sound rushed back piercing and relentless.  Thank you, for sharing this with us.  
I wish I was there! Where is that place? 
I wounder if any colored people live here VOTE Iqarq
What an amazing picture - the colours are superb!
it looks pretty, but holds a bit of sadness. though it looks like something from a dream paradise
Oh my GOD am I still alive, cause this picture is heavenly. Love from NY. Thank you for sharing!
looks like an oil painting nice fall photo!
Autumn is my favourite season
This is very well done. It draws you into the image, you can almost feel/see your at the edge of something and could walk into another world if you but went a bit further down the walkway.
Just what I needed at the end of a very emotionally draining day. Breathtaking!!!
So beautiful - beyond words.  This is the place I will go to when doctors say, "O.K.., relax and imagine your perfect place, somewhere just for you..."
kc lynn
soooooo gorgouse!
its  being so long to  hear such poem  thanks for  revealling  back  child  hood  memories !! 
Really beautiful.  It almost seems fake.
i would love to be there right now
i have never seen something more pretty than this lol
i love this photo post more of it
i love this picture.. it's so beautiful.. my mind feel so relaxing..
OMG!!!! That is so beautiful. Where was this at?
i want to walk along that path ... (:
This is surreal.... I'd expect heaven's basement to be this fabulous!
Lex Z
this is an incredible photo of a clearly incredible place emily!  i'd like to talk to you one day when you if you ever come back here about your experiences and their beginnings.  my fiance is quite the traveler and so i will soon enough have the same opportunities that she comes with.  I got sick and my dreams were sort of pushed aside but she realivened them.  id just love to chat with you a bit.
Debra B
It truely is a nice picture but it has a sort of errie feel to it i guess because of the fog you would almost expect to see 007 on a mission.
Beautiful, love the colors on the trees. Looks so peaceful
All I can say is wow, breath taking
This isn't fair. How could someone make such beautiful photos?
every leaf has a story to tell.... don't be so harsh oh raindrops once we were part of spring, life and happiness. only if someone lends his ear to those whispers. death never puts end to a beauty.
i wish it would look like that in fall. but of course us humans had to ruin the world!!
To see that is a gift from Allah who is the best to create anything he will's...
That is so beautiful.  God  is great to us for giving us this wonderful joy of Fall.
Olive S
woah... took my breath away
Its beautiful...God gave us so many good things....yet we dont think about it all the time and then take advatage of the wonder and beauty
thats soo pretty wish i was there
Nice scene!!! Reminds me of home. But just a bit early right now for them type of pics
very nice picture.  soothing to the eyes.  
what a beautiful picture, makes me wish I was sitting on the bench
Did you write that? I've had a crazy stressful day, but reading that, I felt....relief. Thank you for sharing. :-)
Oh, so beautiful & I think if I will be there every dream will come true.
beuatifull pic i think tish aerli mornnig locatation
This is beautiful.
I have never seen anything more serene in my life ....Um please majic carpet to dream land lol.
I'm gonna guess and say Portland, Oregon?
It so amazing and what athought
so so so amazzzzzzinggggg love it ^^
very beautiful poem and picture! so dreamy! great post ...<3<3<3
I've always been obsessed with roads lined with trees and when it's autumn, that's heaven for me! Truly spectacular view.
you sosuittt word ,and i like your
word. so beautifulll
I added this as my facebook cover photo. Beautiful.
This pic is so overwhelmingly (don't think that is a word) peaceful, beautiful & still can't find the right word or words to describe.ThankYou for posting it & Thank you to Michael May for posting different sizes of the pic so now I can use it in different areas on PC & phone.THANK YOU BOTH, also the poem is perfect!
foarte frumos . un peisaj superb
So Nice Picture With Have A nice Good Morning Day 
wonderful and  nice picture,nice colors
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It reminds me of an  "Anita Pelaez" painting. She is such a talented artist.
it remind me of my uncle he is good artist in the country....The Gambia
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