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Let start this new day with amazing prayer!

I Am, Father, Jesus Christ,
  King of Kings, God the Highest;
Remember me, 
  when I don't remember you.
Speak through me,
  that I might speak for you.
Walk with me,
  let me never stray from you.
Touch my heart and guide my will,
  in everything I do.
Lay your blessing upon those I love,
  and on me who is your son.
Pour your spirit into me,
  and through me to everyone.

Author of prayer  +Jaysen Edgin  ( Special thanks)
Photographed by Swedish photographer +Göran Strand  -> respect for all wonderful scens ! Amazing work!

So, we need to be thankful sometimes, for everything we have... And fot this new day my dear friends! 
I wish you all have a wonderful, sunny day :)))))
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Ron May
Wonderful prayer to our Saviour God. Thank you, Syuzanna. You are precious...
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Syuzanna Avetisyan

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Some more colors inside

It's  time to close the door of quietness,
It's time to breathe and go ahead,
If you're alone, then throw the darkness,
Don't be so silly... Don't get down your head...

You're so strong, the mirror doesn't display...
You need to know it, need to feel inside,
Be yourself...stop games... don't you play,
And you'll get the people just in your side...

You see... It's already more then ever,
More then ever you could provide...
Keep your position.. keep it forever...
Add... just some more colors inside...

What color to add? Decide by youself
You can take of course the purple of sky,
What about me? I choose for myself...
I will take the rainbow, I just can't deny...

And it's time to walk and throw away my words,
The world is so beautiful when you're shining bright...
What you have's true. What they say, it's false...
Your steps are resolute, you could find your light...

The poetrry and photography by me!

+Landscape Photography +BTP Daily Highlight +HQSP Landscape +HQSP Poetry +HDR Photographers +HQSP HDR 
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as you wish ....
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Gorgeous shot wow =)
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Another drop ,falling down
And my window is wet again
Moving slow,finding his own
He is last memory from this rain.

Calming down the earth and the livin is gone
Laughing the nature,like the mission is done
And I'm feeling the air, Just like in my blood
I wish I could bring back my dear autumn mood.

+BTP Editor's Choice (Best Top Photographer's page)  
+BTP Daily Highlight 
#pixelworld  +Alberto Carreras 
#landscapephotography +Landscape Photography   +Margaret Tompkins 
#HQSPLandscape  +HQSP Landscape  +Terrie Gray 
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Who love the purple color ??? You'll understand ! ;)

There are people who are special
There are people who are nice !
They have nature soft than others
They are crazy more than twice ...

They love the sun and love the shadows
And I'll include myself as well
We are just crazy purple lovers
Who know what's that,will understand ! 

+BTP Editor's Choice (Best Top Photographer's page)  (Best Top Photographer's page) 
#pixelworld  +Alberto Carreras  +PixelWorld 
#HQSPLandscape  +HQSP Landscape  +Terrie Gray  +Nicolai Neijhoft  +Lana Bandoim 
#landscapephotography +Landscape Photography  +Margaret Tompkins  +Carra Riley  +paul t beard 
#promotephotography by  +Promote Photography 
#BreakfastClub  by +Gemma Costa 
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That's cute!  Purple is my favourite colour!
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Syuzanna Avetisyan

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Throw it, away... it's just little cloud,
Throw it away... can you feel the mood?
The craziness or brush, that's nature will take,
It haven't the mind, will not take a break...

Throw it away, te nature is too strong...
The madness of sky, just him to belong,
Throw it away, the fear inside,
Be friend of nature, just stand by his side...

And then you'll get the ability to see,
How crazy the nature capable to be,
Just throw it away, the nature is home,
Sun just tried, but the madness won! (c)

The  photography by JAMIE FRATER
+HQSP Poetry 
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Sally S
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A week without you

Some days, I think, just only seven...
With every sunrise I'm burning slow,
It's so empty, it seems, I'm just stolen,
By you... I have something to show...

If you could be here... just there,
Oh.. wish I could just hug you too tight...
In my eyes, you see- there is so clear,
The charming lights and incredible fight...

And if you could be, just a little near,
I would take it down, all this burning sky...
My heart is free, it doesn't have fear,
You're that one! I'm charmed by!

And now I'll stand, I'm strong, I'm there,
Will whisper, that I love you so much...
The sky is my friend, the wind  I'll wear
For you, all the magics I'm ready to catch!

The Author of photo and poetry - me!

+Landscape Photography +HQSP Poetry +HQSP Landscape +LANDSCAPE Photos +HDR Photographers +HQSP HDR +BTP Daily Highlight 
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+甄健坤 .. That is Good job by English alright too Ameen
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you just like an angel...
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I crave you

Closing my eyes and the heart is beating stronger
I know it's hard,but I can wait no any longer,
It feels like spaces are all broken between
What I'm feeling, I can call it sympathy.

The move of water just whispered your name
And recalled me that summer day with you,
Confused in me the passion and shame
I wish I wouldn't but I just crave you...

+BTP Editor's Choice (Best Top Photographer's page)  (Best Top Photographer's page)  (Best Top Photographer's page) 
#pixelworld  +Alberto Carreras   
#HQSPLandscape  +HQSP Landscape   +Terrie Gray  
#landscapephotography +Landscape Photography   +Margaret Tompkins  
+HDR Photographers  #hdrphotographer  by +Jason Mayes  and me
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I love this is very sexy. It touches me so softly 
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Syuzanna Avetisyan

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Looked around and decided to wish you all have a beautiful time of day dear friends...
If morning- then good morning )) (afternoon)
For me it's near night ! So for me it's good night :)

found here, but wanna know the name of author .... tell me in comments please, if you can find if. I tried )
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Very dark n Beauty !!
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Armenia !
I'm a quiet,modest girl...Will offence ? - Will softly bury , modestly celebrate ! ;)
Introduction simple, resourceful !!! Ambassador of Armenia !

I'm not too free in G+ !
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I'm an Artist....Writing,painting,singing,dancing,and have special passion about photography ! 

If you need to see something beautiful , something interesting or just look something then you're in right place !!! :))))))) You can stay ! I'll be nice to meet you , ... I am sharing everything what I like, everything what I want, and Everything what in my interest .... 

Always looking at anything what you share with me ! So You're always welcome ...
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