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Hi guys! How is your mood today? I think we need nothing but smile sometimes... A lot of work, a lot of problems... But we can change the mood of this day! Wish you all have a great day!!! :)))

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The nature lost his only angel... he feel depressed, he feel like stranger...
He remember, how tight were hugs... he don't forget that crazy moves...
How felt so young and was in love... how many things he didn't know...

The day is friend, the night is stranger... when nature lost his only angel...
The shadows walk around its branches...they whisper, that they're still friends...
That they're going to make same moves... and their devotion no need the proofs...

But nature is silent...he is dozing....suffers...
I no need, he say... this crazy shadows...
I no need the movе you've told
I feel so down... I feel so cold...

I feel so suffer
So damn strange
I'm feeling now
My real age...
I'm too old for all this moves...
And really... I no need proofs...

The night is gone
The day is stranger
When nature lost
His only angel...

Author of photo: Mark Adamus
Author of poetry: Me
#poetry #loveautumn #nature #SyuzannaNesterova

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We could live better, if we'd smile enough
And we could live worthy, if we had more time
We cried at the moments, when we had to laugh
And we felt the weakness, when could to feel fine!

And the life is shorter, than we can envision
And the time is bird, that will fly and pass
We are hardly making, our life design
And not rare we made it, just very very coarse.

Just now we have that moment, for making some illusion
And at least in there, we will try to smile
After all the life, is nothing but confusion
That we got only, just only for a while!
(c) Syuzanna Nesterova
for my dear friend +No One ! You're adorable! Thank you very much!

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Decided to look at what I made a very long time ago... I guess this was the present for +Victor Westerhout ! I miss that days ))))
Wish you all have a beautiful day my dears <3

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Good afternoon my dear G+ friends!!! <3 ) I wish you all have a beautiful day!!! )

There are so many lovely words tonight
Boy, I thought I'll see you only on my dreams
I feel your gentle touch, you're holding me tight
I can't say in words, what this for me means...

And we are so crazy, and darkness around
I'm yours; I whisper and you touch my skin...
You're my love, real love that I found
We surrounded by love, and there is nothing between.

Boy, I know that soon you'll be gone
And I'll hold your the-shirt, tight in my hands
You're just my dream, you're just the one
And I'm the one, who from you depends.(c)

#sunset   #sunsetphotography  +BTP Landscape Pro +Photo Mania USA 

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Good morning, afternoon, evening my dear G+ friands! <3
You're too lovely for my brown eyes
You're too beautiful, you're too nice
I can't stand calm when you're around me
Near - is the place where I want to be.
And I'm ready to fight for your love
Oh girl, so much things that you still don't know
I'll stay with you until my last day
So much words inside, that I keep to say.
And oh, you are too lovely for my damn eyes
I can call your name in one second - twice
I'm going crazy when I hear your voice
And you're the one, I have not other choice.
Girl, you could make me to love this crazy world
And your hand is something, that I want to hold
I'm so sorry that you're so much nice
You can not stay in my crazy brown eyes...(c)

#poetry   #loveautumn   #nature   #SyuzannaNesterova  
Thanks to my wonderful husband +Aleksey Nesterov for all his support and love! You're the dearest one for me!
Also some good news.)))
Recentry I discovered that I'm pregnant. I was waiting for this so long. So I'm very very happy!!!!!!
+BTP Landscape Pro 

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There is not critique, the nature is blind...
It makes the reflection even in drops,
It makes everything too close and too kind,
The nature is home and it us belongs.

And that falled drops hugging gentle, tight...
The flower, that adore every morning dew...
The nature saves you from harm and from fight...
Nature is something, that lives inside, with you...

Good morning, afternoon, evening my dear friends and followers. I wish you al have a stunning day! :))))))

Thank you to my husband +Aleksey Nesterov  for my good mood every day and for our photowalks... I love you too much <3

#artistphotographeramateurorprofessional +Artist , photographer , amateur or professional  by 
+jany viala  + Krzysztof Felczak +Chauvin Gene  and +Dorma Wiggin 
  #promotephotography +Promote Photography 
#hqspflowers  +HQSP Flowers 
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#macroaddict  #flowerphotography   #floralphotography   #macrophotography   #naturephotography  
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