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+Christopher Southan , it's Jimmy Cronshaw here from the OSDD Malaria project, working as an honours student with +Matthew Todd and +Paul Ylioja . Recently, +Iain Wallace helped us tremendously by generating two tables which list analogues (or near neighbours) of two potential anti-malarial drug candidates which I am working on. More importantly, these tables also tell us the commercial sources which currently hold these compounds. We need to know how to go about contacting these companies to obtain a donation, or purchase, small amounts of these compounds.

Links to the two tables can be found below
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Right, so let's start with the two companies with the most hits on these searches. Make it easy for us - which are those, Jimmy? And I'm assuming that the webpages for the relevant companies give generic enquiry forms, not a human point of contact. Chris - it's the human contact point we need here I think.
Enamine and ChemDiv are our two main points on enquiry. Your assumption looks to be correct, though ChemDiv has a few an email or two per continent on display.
Mat/Jimmy, just back from BioIT (FYI slides and poster on slideshare). Unfortunately I have no direct human contacts for the big suppliers. I did say to Mat I would knock up a questionnaire to post around re ODD discounts, but, if we get offers at all, my guess is these may be smaller rather than the bigger brokerage operations. Also, Mat's chemistry Craiglist idea seems a good move to set up. What I can do is write up a short post on the supplier ecosystem because it seems very convoluted to me (e.g. emolecules not in PubChem, some of Zinc is but not all, Enamine is, except the virtual MODs, and you have to pay Sigma to do a full search of ChemDiv). In interim could you just try a few low-cost orders and find out who holds stocks your side of the globe ?
+Matthew Todd , I'm at a loss as to what we do now, since I've never done anything like this before. Do we cold call them now?
I think it's going to come to that, but let me bring in Paul Willis to check on contacts from MMV's end.
MMV sounds a good idea. It would seem a central issue for them to tackle going forward anyway. In the meantime I picked up this post sometime ago. There was also an interesting reference . Assuming Matt has a Uni credit card (?) some of the supplier forms seem cogent enough to try out. What about the larger chemistry community on your side of the country ?
The 'In The Pipeline' blog post, and the associated comments indicate that ChemDiv and Enamine are both decent companies to work with, which is nice to know.

Thanks Christopher.
Yes, that is useful and interesting Chris. So many issues with something that is at heart quite simple. We'd figured Jimmy was going to try a couple of suppliers to see what happens.
Jimmy/Mat Following up from the blog post above I did manage to resolve the purchasable analogues of OSM-S-39 at 95% similarity down to five PubChem CIDs.

The Mol-Port links in the SIDs under those CIDs are the only ones that go right through the order and appear to have stock

Let me know if you need any more details, Cheers
Great. This is for +Paul Ylioja as these are commercial analogs of the near neighbour set. OK, Paul. If this is Molport, we can see what happens when we request a quote? I think +Jimmy Cronshaw is going to try the same thing with other suppliers. Let's get requests in and see what comes back. For me the interest is at what point a human is involved.
The manager of MolPort made some comments on my blog and we will meet next week at ChemAxon. He obviously can't discount on behalf of primary suppliers but engagement and contact is a good sign. I posted some 3D analogues of the best TCAMs a while back, If you can find them maybe check those too.
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