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Hi. Wanted to share a feature change for Follow mode. It'd be great to have a setting for "Ascend First" in the Follow Settings.

Context: Recently I kicked off a Follow mode session with it set at up 200' behind 200' on Leash heading. After initializing, it sped off to be 200' away and 200' up (up and away from me at the same time). This almost bumped it into a tree.

Without an "Ascend First" feature I've learned the lesson to make it ascend before kicking in the Follow mode - which I'm sure is recommended, but I am glad to not have to learn it the hard way.

An "Ascend First" checkbox in the Follow Settings could also serve as a reminder to people of what could happen - as it almost did to me.

I'm on Litch Android beta: v3.10.1_beta build 1013
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