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This vintage glass lamp shade features Art Deco style etched, frosted, design in a beautiful chartreuse yellow color. It is made to look like Cameo Glass. This lamp shade has a nice fluted trumpet shape that is paneled and pinched into a hexagon. The design is textured, or cut away from the clear frosted background.

This lamp shade "globe" measures 6 1/8" tall x 2 3/16" in diameter across the base (the part that goes into the lamp fixture) x 4 3/16" in diameter across the opening.

It is in excellent condition. There are a few small chips along the base that will not show when attached to a lamp. There are no cracks. There are a few bubbles in the glass.

An excellent faux Cameo Glass art deco style lamp shade for a pendant light or desk lamp. It also looks really pretty placed over a tea light or votive candle.

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This is an astounding scrimshaw necklace that is mounted in a vintage pocket watch case.
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This vintage Put and Take Dice Bar or Pub game features 2 yellow butterscotch Bakelite or Catalin square dice. One die has either a P (black) or a T (red) on each side. The other die has either a 1, 2, 3, 4, (numbers in black) or A (red) on each side. Please note: the "3" number appears blue in the photos. It is black. I do not know why it looks blue.

The dice measure 9/16" cubed (1.5 cm).

These Put and Take dice are in great condition. There are a few minor scratches/scuffs. The number die is slightly darker. 

This popular gambling dice game is fun to play or collect!

How to play 'Put & Take' with two 6-sided dice

Number of players: any number
All players contribute an equal amount of chips to the pot. 
The first player then rolls the 2 Put & Take dice.
Depending on what shows on the top side of the dice,
he either PUTS (P) or TAKES (T) from the pot as follows:
- P 1/2/3: player puts 1/2/3 chips in the pot
- T 1/2/3: player takes 1/2/3 chips from the pot
- P A(LL): Player doubles the number of chips in the pot
- T A(LL): Player takes all the chips from the pot, and the game starts again 
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