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Shades of Grey is my untold story through a sons eyes. A sons love for his father. A fathers secrets, lies, Betrayal
Shades of Grey is my untold story through a sons eyes. A sons love for his father. A fathers secrets, lies, Betrayal

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#Feminism   On twitter on my own account and i have a man hating extremists self proclaimed Feminist who hates men on my account abusing me. She came to my account. So she has to be stalking me, and what i post.
The post was to do with Preying does not stop you being the victim of abuse.
She is Being rude and utterly ridiculous. And they wonder why the word Feminism is a dirty, misused word with very little meaning now.

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#NickXenophon @NXT_HQ Nick i voted for u to work with Labor, not to give your vote to LNP destruction & corruption
Nick Australian's voted for you in SA to represent Australia, not to side with LNP Turnbull & corporations, corruption and Destruction. Do the right thing. If you choose to side with the Liberal party, you misrepresented yourself to Australia.…/malcolm-turnbul……/degradation-of-……/scars-vulnerabilit…

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#StopPornography Why Gay Porn Stars Keep Dying Last year, several gay porn performers died young, usually from suicide or drug overdoses. Many close to them are saying the industry is to blame.

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#DuncanStorrar   #Abuse #Degradation #MediaAbuse #Governmentabuse    I Put LNP Last!! ‏@johndory49
The same forces that hounded Duncan Storrar onto suicide watch, tell you to vote LNP! #auspol #ausvotes @Goddess300

Duncan was hounded and persecuted, discriminate against by the media by our Government because he was the victim of Government abuse, abuse and for not being born rich.
As you can see what i had to say to the AEC and my formal complaint to the AFP was added to Duncan's story.
Degradation by the media and by our Government

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The Australian Constitution laws and act  can not be changed with out a Referendum by the people. That is the law of Australia.

Currently our Government are in violation, have broken that law, and can not act or Govern in Australia. That is absolute law. Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, George Brandis are illegally holding office. They are breaking Federal laws by doing so. They are ignoring have no regard and breaking Rule of Law George Brandis Attorney General is breaking Federal Laws in Australia.

Openness and transparency are vital and we don't need or want, and cannot tolerate an MP or any Government in breach of the founding laws of our country - the only set of laws of Australia that cannot be changed by the Government of the day.

They need to be reminded they work for the Australia, not themselves, to line their own pockets and make themselves rich. Not for corporations, not for lobbyists. The people we elect work for us, and its about dam time they were given a bolt to remind themselves of this. We can easily vote them out, sack them. Under the law they work on a contract to the Australian people. Yes it is under law a contract. If they break the contract to the people, they can be fired also by the people. Lots of law covered in this article, so we can take back Australia from a Government out of control.

The Australian Constitutional laws and act are in this article, laws our Government do not want you to know about as an Australian. But they are our laws. And they can not be changed.
Read More Here

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#StopPornography A Work In Progress: The Life Expectancy of a Porn Star is only 37 years. The average life expectancy in America and Australia is 78 years.

The new generation of porn star faces an unspoken risk to their lives. In the past, we were mainly focused on the toll of the destructive lifestyle prevalent in the industry, filled with drugs and alcohol, which led to the tragic car accidents, suicides, or accidental overdoses. But the murder of porn stars is often overlooked –  I feel most people just assume the worst and think absolutely nothing of another porn star’s life ending too soon.
The hardest thing for me to accept is the unknown and the uninvestigated. These murders are often considered a “trick gone bad,” and no one puts any interest or time into looking deeper. The authorities are not looking for the agents who are illegally booking jobs for porn stars, or finding answers to any crimes that may result as a consequence. Murder is a crime, no matter what you do for a living and no matter who you are. Sadly, these scenarios are considered low-priority cases, with little interest from anyone in law enforcement in defending the rights of the victim.

In my years in the industry , it was common for talent to come and go, with no form of further communication once they left the industry. In conversation, most people referring to stars who disappeared from the scene would simply say that they “got out of the business.” When I took the time to look further and troll through the devastating number of dead porn star videos I found on YouTube, I came across more and more familiar faces, finding myself at a greater loss. The most disturbing was reading the cause of death.

The lack of compassion for these lives, in and out of the industry, leads me to a place of concern and confusion. A business that is so incredibly profitable, with no union, no support groups, and no internal guidance, has left itself out in the cold while breaking the hearts of families everywhere. Every time I see and read a story of a new death within the industry I think the same thing.

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Donkey Voters Can't Have An Opinion For The Next Three Years
Some voters spoke through their ass.

It will take days to determine whether Australia has returned the Coalition government, has voted in a Labor government, or has cast its vote so widely as to prompt a hotchpotch of characters vying to form a majority.
It'll come down to the postal votes. And preferences. And then they'll be counted again to make sure. We might even, if we're 'lucky', get a legal challenge over the results of a tally.

Yes, it appears in this election at least, your vote actually counted.
Given the gravity of the situation, then, was it really that wise to do a donkey vote? Or draw a dick on your ballot paper before handing it in?

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#Sexualabuse #StopPornography #FightTheNewDrug   4 Ways Porn Makes Kids More Vulnerable to Sexual Abuse Did you know that children are sexually victimized at a much higher rate than adults? Virtually everyone can agree that adult rape is a horrible crime. But the Children’s Assessment Center website reports that nearly 70% of all reported sexual assaults (including assaults on adults) occur to children ages 17 and under.

And this study was done back in 2000, the stats are even higher in 2016 with all the proliferation of child pornography, that number is even worse today.

Pornography is so intertwined with sexual molestation that parents need to know how all of this works together. Let’s look at four ways that showing pornography to kids can weaken their ability to avoid, resist and escape sexual victimization.
According to Diana E.H. Russell in her Big Porn, Inc chapter entitled Harming Children, porn can arouse, legitimize, desensitize and silence children who are being molested.

Seeing pornography arouses children’s sexual curiosity, especially in boys. And perpetrators often show pornographic pictures to begin grooming them for sexual subjugation. “Pedophiles posing as young teenagers in Internet teen chat groups often send pornographic pictures or email messages…in order to arouse their curiosity and to manipulate them into meeting in person.”

Showing pornography to kids serves to legitimize or normalize child sexual abuse in the eyes of victims.

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