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I get to be in an independent film performing all of the dangerous pinball stunts if we get enough funding. Jane Wiedin from The Go Gos will be in it too!
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Are those shots from California Extreme at ~0:25?
:) I thought the location looked familiar. Good luck with the film!
Indie films and pinball have a lot in common. You just never know when one's gonna turn out to be a winner. Have fun!!!!
That sounds like it would be fun, goodluck with Pinball Donut Girl!
ah, the old comedy, love, pinball trifecta ftw
Dangerous pinball stunt? Something like playing pinball with your pinkies?
No, it's playing pinball for a camera and hoping you don't blow it
Is it a budget thing, not having a flipper double, or are you like Jackie Chan?
Things get dangerous when in multiball mode.
I remember one machine I could slide about six inches side to side without the tilt sensor going off - a definite finger crushing risk with the machines next to it.
Gene Homicki - I've smashed my hand into the wall before.
+Jeri Ellsworth Thats only because the person you were gonna punch was able to duck fast enough. :P You shoulda' used plywood.
+Jeri Ellsworth Ouch, though this talk of dangerous pinball stunts and smashed hands is really making me want to go play some pinball.
So when is someone going to make a film about Commodore and all the followers? Or has someone already?
looking forward to seeing dangerous pinball stunts : D
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