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Check out my latest blog post.  I'll put a copy and a link here.
I hope you find this information informative.  We are aware many homeowners spend small fortunes on the construction of their beautiful outdoor wooden structures. Don't let them ROT away!  Deck Finishing and Fence Staining can also be a great DIY Project if you have the time. 
Why Stain?
 Many homeowners in Central Texas invest in wood privacy fences and other wooden structures every year, but not many homeowners are informed on how to properly care for these structures.  Many characteristics make wood a viable building material, but it is not indestructible.  Two of the most damaging elements exposed wood face daily are sunlight, to be exact Ultraviolet (UV) light and moisture.  When wood is not treated with proper wood stain it turns a rustic gray and that is when the decay begins.
UV light causes the most damage to wood because it breaks down the wood’s lignin.  What is Lignin? Lignin is an organic polymer that forms important materials that generates and supports cells in plants, essentially in the glue that holds wood together.  Scientifically this process is called photo-oxidation.   Lignin is broken down into a sugar substance which is eventually washed away by water.  This causes the fibers to loosen, which is why you see the warping, splitting and other forms of wood degradation.  The sugary substance is also food for fungi, combined with moisture you start seeing greenish blue stains that will eventually led to rot.  Moisture which comes in many forms is another threat to wood.  In many situations moisture serves as a catalyst combining with other factors to trigger damage. 
Solid stains and paints are opaque finishes that provide excellent UV blocking.  Semi-Transparent and Transparent stains utilitie a greatly reduced rate of pigmentation, which greatly reduces its UV protection, however, these stains allow the beauty of the wood grain to still remain expose.  Both stains offer a great waterproofing property.  A quality stain usually oil based absorbs through the wood, protecting it from the inside out. 
When selecting a stain it is imperative you make sure function, finish, and your expectations coincides.  Most solids stains are not suitable for deck and playground equipment because they are high contacts areas and cannot handle the abuse. On the other hand a high quality solid stain/paint could last more than a decade on a fence or siding before it requires updating.  Semi-Transparent stains are perfect for older fences, siding, pergolas and other wooden structures and typically last five years.  Transparent stains are perfect for decks and woods like cedar, redwood, and other exotic wood that you want to be the focal point.  Unfortunately Transparent stains have the shortest life span, but you still get the waterproofing benefits.
I hope this was insightful and you better understand importance of protecting your wooden structures. 
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Summer Savings
Until July 31, 1st Choice Staining and Fence Repair, LLC is a offering a FREE Fence cleaning with the purchase of a complete Fence Staining. Fence Cleaning is the first step of our Wood Restoration Process and will provide the labor for free; although supplies are not included in this offer, there is still the potential to save over $200. (Savings depend on length of fence) Give us a call for a Free Estimate and find out how much you could save. Also ask about our phenomenal referral program.
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