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Project process.

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PhoneGap/Cordova SQLite Live Demo
You can use google chrome to view the live demo. View Live Demo The SQLite library used in the demo can be used in PhoneGap. To see the source code, please go to github:

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Using AngularJS/Backbone in PhoneGap
This article will not teach you how to use AngularJS or Backbone in PhoneGap, but still, I promise, it will be helpful for your PhoneGap development. Actually, this article will let you know that you don’t need to use angularJS/backbone in your phonegap dev...

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I created it. :)

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The Best PhoneGap Architecture - (4)
Enjoy the art of the coding... 4. Android backbutton handlers As I know, many PhoneGap APP’s don’t handle android backbutton event.
For example, the ones built with jQuery Mobile.
When a user taps the backbutton on the android device,
the APP...

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The Best PhoneGap Architecture - (3)
Enjoy the art of the coding... 3. Page And APP Navigation First, JS part. Here is a very good sample the demonstrates how to make a page and achieve page navigation. Here is a page named “Menu” that inherits from nova.Page.
It’s method onLoaded will be...

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The Best PhoneGap Architecture - (2)
In the last post, I described the file structure.
In this post, I will describe the shell of the APP. 2. APP Starts And Index.html Firstly, let’s take a look at the index.html. This page is a shell of your APP. All JS and CSS are loaded once when the A...

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more to come...
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