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Genealogy librarian needs help!

I'm a librarian in a small western town in a great genealogy facility. I have been tasked with spending some money and am drawing a blank on where to spend it. Books are not what this money is for.

Amy suggestions? If you know of something that would be amazing in a genealogy room, please let me know.

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This is an article I wrote for the Sheridan (WY) Press regarding efforts by the city to document the burials in the Sheridan Municipal Cemetery. I and a couple of wonderful co-workers are heavily involved in bringing the stories of over 22,000 people into the 21st century.

Has anyone used Amazon's CreateSpace for publishing books? I'm interested in hearing about experiences. Thanks!

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Progress has been made with the cemetery project. Scrapped the Kickstarter project and put together a more practical and specific list of needs for a GoFundMe project page. I discovered rather quickly that archival sleeves, even in a bulk amount, are expensive. I have decided instead to donate an extra four-drawer filing cabinet and a bunch of extra folders for the interim. Archival supplies are a racket, in my opinion. The fund now stands at $775. I will be contributing additional smaller purchases along the way, including my own fuel. 

I'm shifting gears a bit as a couple of key aspects of the project changed (GPS and pictures)--thankfully so as that was going to be a time consumer. 

Looking forward to starting even to begin such a great process!

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This my attempt at raising money to further my research into the Lupton family in Yorkshire, England. This is simply to obtain archival quality TIFF images of about 200 pages from the Brighouse Monthly Meeting between about 1670 and 1735.

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Relay for Life update/rundown. I have actually had a couple hours of rest and am returning to somewhat normal levels. 

First, I want to thank people for the donations. The Sheridan Jaycees were able to meet our $5,000 fundraising goal last night, placing third at the end of the evening. Donations today pushed us into 2nd place, placing us ahead Judy's Radiating Stars, an awesome group that is always doing fundraisers for Relay for Life. 

The event this year was located in the east half of Kendrick Park, which afforded a different space than last year. Unfortunately, turn out was low due to a conflicting concert on North Main and it was a very low-key Relay this year with a relatively small number of participants. There were many perennial teams that were not there in force or at all. However, we all had a wonderful time in supporting such an important cause. 

I was unable to sleep and surrendered to this fact around 2 a.m. and did a few laps, eventually walking the 3-4 a.m. shift. The boys had a great time and were happy to be able to camp in the park.

I was happy to see many luminaria donated in honor of Annie Drown, who died of cancer on May 15th. She passed away a week before a fundraiser was to be held on her behalf.

I should apologize as I may have been a bit off kilter in my approach to raising funds for Relay for Life. I did not devote enough energy to this as I should have. I have been honored by those who donated and give you the highest of thanks. 

I am very happy to be able to be part of Relay for Life. There is an atmosphere at the events that is always very rewarding to be around.
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More birthdays. More happiness. Less sadness. Shouldn't we all be committed to this goal?
Please help by donating to the Relay for Life. I will be participating this Friday in honor of my grandfather, Leo Ostermyer, who died of a brain tumor January 6, 1985. He was 74. I was five when he died.

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The FCC  (Federal Communications Commission ) is proposing rules that would allow ISPs (internet service providers) like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon to pick and choose your internet plan, what you do have access to and what you do not.

How does it work now: if you have an internet connection – you have access to all of the internet, the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you have internet access you have access to it all, free and paid. You have a choice to what you see and what you don’t. 

How it will work if this bill passes: your ISP will be able to give you different access plans to what you are able to see, which websites will be served and which ones you won’t have access to. More than that, this bill will also make it possible for your ISP to charge the website owners for making their websites available within their network. It will open a door to all kinds of abuse… because MONEY. It’ll start slowly, by reducing the load speeds and degrading the quality, but It’ll happen. 

If you are a user, it will affect you. If you are a website owner it will affect you. Most of us don’t realize just how important this is: right now you have a voice, but you may not have it for very long. If this bill passes, you may not have a place to speak up. So I urge you to do it now.

It is happening in the US, but it is only a matter of time until it happens where you are as well. You don’t have to be from the US to sign the petition and stop this madness. 

Some of you may know who I am, what I do and why. My project is a free health and fitness website oriented for at-home training and budget nutrition. It is a global resource dedicated to making fitness accessible and it is supported exclusively via donations (no pay-for-downloads, no ads, no product placement). Thousands all over the globe who cannot afford a gym membership, personal trainer’s time or even a pair of trainers use my website and it is changing lives every single day it is up. Projects like that will be the first ones to be eradicated. 

Everything we love about the web, the freedom of expression and freedom of information, everything we take for granted can be taken away from us. Speak up now, fight for what matters. 

Sign the petition:

Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don't care, I'm still free
You can't take the sky WEB from me.

#netneutrality   #fccnetneutrality  
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