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Better than sliced bread
Better than sliced bread

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Don't call it a comeback! I been here for years. 

It's been awhile :p

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I guess no one forces 3 years old into sports anymore. My son is a one man team. #badparenting #onemanshow

Sick of receiving calls from telemarketers? Speak Hamburgular to them and they won't call back. #freeadvice #hamburgular. -- Rhance Haynes (@dastretcha)

Life has taught me to have a scary amount of patience. 

Is officially yell at Rhance day

Their bites sting like the dickens. 

Sometimes there are air bubbles that come up from the Chicago River. I try not to wonder what they are. 

That awkward moment when a breeze blows by and you check to see if your pants are zipped. 
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