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David Hanby
I work, go to school, eat, sleep, and sometimes do things with my family.
I work, go to school, eat, sleep, and sometimes do things with my family.

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The Android 3.2 SDK is now available for download!

Developers: Be sure to check out Media Sync from the SD Card and the extended screen support API.

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Most of the "pleople" I've chatted with on G+ don't understand Google's scheme for friending, following and Circling on Google+. It's complex and counterintuitive, at least at first. But it's also important for users to understand how it works.

The question I'm going to answer here is: What makes another user's posts show up in your feeds?

Let's say there's a social networking fan named Jan Brady. She's on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

On Twitter, you'll see Jan's posts if you follow her. On Twitter, it makes no difference whether she follows you back or not, you still get her posts if you follow her.

On Facebook, you can send a friend request to Jan. If Jan friends you back, you will see her posts in your News Feed. In other words, seeing Jan's posts requires both that you follow her and that she ALSO follows you back.

The Twitter and Facebook schemes are very simple, and everyone understands them.

Google+ is a hybrid of these two systems. Google+ has both friending AND following.

At the left of your Google+ page, you'll see an item called "Incoming." If you select that option, you'll see other people's posts streaming by. But who are these people and how did they get there?

In other words: What makes Jan Brady show up in your "Incoming" feed?

If you find Jan on Google+, and add her to any of your Circles, her Public posts will show up in your "Incoming" feed. She doesn't have to follow you back, or even know who you are. If you Circle Jan, and she posts something and marks it Public, that post will show up in your "Incoming" feed.

Here's the part that may suprise you: If you don't Circle Jan, but if Jan Circles you, then her posts will show up in your "Incoming" feed.

In other words, Jan's posts show up in your "Incoming" feed if you follow her OR if she follows you (or both).

In still other words, think of Circling someone as a Twitter-like "pull" system. When you put someone in your Circle, you choose to "pull" their posts into your "Incoming" feed. But Google+ also has a "push" system. Without you doing anything, any other use can choose to "push" their Public posts into your "Incoming" feed.

When some people hear that Jan can put posts into their "Incoming" feed without permission, they might be temped to cry foul, saying they only want the posts of people they Circle to show up there. But if that were the case, Google+ would be like Facebook. You couldn't just drop people in your Circles, you'd have to send a friend request and wait for them to approve it.

If you want Google+ to act like Facebook, where you see the posts ONLY of people you've Circled, it's easy to make that happen. Just click on the "Home" button at the top of the page. The Home button shows you the posts ONLY of the people you've Circled.

I hope this posts helps clarify friending, following and Circlng on Google+

(Note that this post was originally posted with errors. This is the corrected version. Thank you to the commenters who pointed out the errors!!)
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